OSCARS Goes to??? Celebrity Fashions in OSCARS Awards

This week, we are in the fresh news about the 81st annual Academy Awards held in Hollywood today. We have now the list of winners of OSCARS Awards and not only that, I want you to know that I'm going to feature the celebrity attires such as menswear and wmenswear. I'm sure, Fashionistas are awaits on what does their fave celebrities possessing their fashion in their attire.

About the full list of OSCARS winners you can visit http://tinyurl.com/dkxdlp for the updates. And now let's talk about the fashion statement of celebrities in the said 81st Annual Academy Awards. Women Celebrities are highlighting their gowns as well as the men celebrities for their attires. Beyond those celebrity attires, we are waiting on the statement of every celebrities about their attires. We want to know who are the designers who design their clothings in the said event. Because the celebrity who wear a great and terrific designs, it was accountable in the name of the designer who make the attire.

Well, not only the celebrities are earning fame during the Academy award, designers also are
waiting for their fame as they show their designs by means of the celebrities who wears it. And designer clothes also rendered full factor of fashion statement in every celebrities. In every brand of designer clothes, they show their support into celebrities who are advertising their products. See some Photos of OSCARS Celebrity Fashion Photos here at http://tinyurl.com/amknc5.

No Oscar Frocks

Everyone is blogging about Oscar frocks today so there's no use repeating. These are some celeb outfits from the last couple of weeks that I like.

Photos: Instyle.com

Jennifer Lopez - LOVE the white dress and black Christian Louboutin Heals (I can never manage to walk in heals that high but think they look amazing)
Rachel Bilson - Max Azria Dress and Christian Louboutin Heals - HOT!
Jessica Stoup - Love this romantic layered style look.

More NY Fashion Week Celeb Style Inspiration..

Love SJP's complete outfit, Olivia Palermo's jacket, & Molly Sims looking naturally beautiful as always.

Photo: Instyle.com

NY Fashion Week - Celeb Sightings

I've written this post and deleted it a couple of times. It's not that I don't love what Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth are both wearing to the Diesel Black & Gold Show at NY Fashion Week, I just so look forward to seeing photos of what the celebs are wearing when attending these shows and there's been nothing so far that's really excited me.
Here's the photos anyway, hopefully there will be more inspiration in the days to come!

Images from www.celebrity-gossip.net

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Effortless, comfortable and perfectly stylish outfit recipe

1 Loose fitting jersey top (for added sexiness, off the shoulder or cut out sleeves.)
1 Pair of Slim fitting or skinny leg jeans
Depending on weather add either strappy sandals, ballet flats or boots.
1 – 2 statement accessories. Possibly sunglasses + bag or earrings +bangle

Lauren, Eva & Sienna know how to whip up an effortlessly stylish combo...

I really did not need to discover this....

Oh my God... I’ve just come across a website that will have any girl who spent hours playing with her Barbie’s when she was younger, now able to re-live all that childhood fun. Remember when you would spend hours on end, totally absorbed in dressing Barbie in all her gorgeous outfits & accessories? I’m now in fear of wasting similar hours (in which I do not have spare), playing with this digital version of my favourite childhood pastime.

www.looklet.com is the culprit. An online styling studio where you get to dress images of real models in the latest designer clothing, bags, jewellery and accessories. I really do not have time for this in my life but it’s too late, I’m already hooked. Below are some of my creations from yesterday. I’ll apologise now to all those whom end up addicted because of me sharing this site!

Invitation Code: LOOKLET-1811263071

Who has the time...

There are so many end of season bargains everywhere right now, but seriously who has the time to search every single shop or website? That's why it's nice when someone shares what they've found, especially when it's designer classics that even though are end of year sale items, are great pieces that can be worn season to season.
I am loving these little discoveries from Australian Boutique http://www.beautifulstyle.com.au/


Let's pretend...

I didn’t actually have anywhere interesting to go on the weekend, nor do I have any spare money to go shopping with right now.
In my pretend world however where I’m going to many exciting events & have lots of money to spend, these are the dresses I would be purchasing for my imaginary glamorous lifestyle.


House of Harlow 1960

Being the obsessed Nicole Richie fan that I am, it’s probably an understatement to say I’m a little excited about being able to purchase some of her House of Harlow 1960 Jewellery pieces in the very near future. http://www.miijo.com/ is the exclusive online Australian stockist at this stage with a pre-order feature for those who would be devastated to miss out. Arriving mid March I have a feeling that the range is going in extreme high demand.

Image from InStyle Magazine

My favourite - The Leather Hinged Cuff $199AUD at www.miijo.com

Singlet + Beanie?

The over sized beanie thing seems to be taking off right now – whatever the climate. I’m all for a bit of “copy the celebrity outfit” but I seriously don’t think I could be comfortable in a beanie if the weather is actually warm enough to be wearing a singlet. I think all 3 outfits below look fantastic, especially Kate Beckinsale but I can’t help wondering if she’s a little bit uncomfortable? Lauren Conrad’s Tshirt/Leggings/Beanie combo seems a little more reasonable and sensible Katie Holmes is of course being practical and stylish as always.

Criss Cross Crochet Beanie Hat www.topshop.com
The Alexander Slub Banie www.sportsgirl.com.au
Cable Beanie www.witchery.com.au

Technorati Profile

On file for winter reference...

I know once winter really hits I'll be complaining about my frozen fingers and wishing it was summer again, but seeing this photo has got me feeling a little anxious for the weather to start cooling down. I always get excited about a celebrity outfit that combines a few simple pieces that are already in my wardrobe (black leggings, black boots), yet put together so perfectly. I don't have the Stella McCartney denim jacket Nicole is wearing (I will be on the hunt for something similar) but it's a great pic to keep on file for some winter outfit inspiration when needed!

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