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The new issue of Mylookbook is online.

There's celebrity style inspiration with Hayden Pannettiere & Lo Bosworth, Pink colour inspiration, new winter shoe "The Brogue", an interview with Kirrily Johnston, and for bag addicts, a Luxe Accessories give-away...

Kiss of Silver and Touch of Gold: The Metallic Fashion Trend

Siver and Gold metallic Fashion trend

We all know that silver and Gold play an important role if Fashion industry as especially in luxury fashion lifestyle. Silver and Gold are usually seen on the fashion accessories such as jewelries, purses, etc. The Kiss of silver represents the beauty of simple luxury fashion that reflects the beauty and standard fashion lifestyle as a whole.Celebrity outfitsWhile the touch of Gold emphasize the high valued fashion statements such as elite fashionistas and Alta-social people in their fashion statements. These two metals are represents the luxury fashion in different way. That's why designer clothing industry represents this fashion lifestyle through Metallic fashion trend. Metallic Fashion ModelsSilver was one of the earliest metals known to humans, and it has been considered a precious metal since ancient times. Silver has been used as a form of currency by more people throughout history than any other metal, even gold.Gold TrendsSilver possesses many special physical characteristics and qualities that make it useful in a variety of industries. The photography industry is the biggest user of silver compounds. Silver forms the most light-sensitive salts, or halides, which are essential to developing high-quality photography. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity per unit volume of any metal, including copper, so it is used extensively in electronics. Specialized uses include switch and relay contacts for automobile controls and accessories, automotive window heating, and in electrodes for electrocardiograms. Metallic Fashion dressGold is soft, shiny, yellow element that is the most malleable of all the metals. It occurs in veins and in alluvial deposits. Because it is very durable, resistant to corrosion, and a good conductor of heat and electricity, gold is used as a plated coating on electrical and mechanical components. It is also an international monetary standard and is used in jewelry and for decoration. Gold has been associated with the extremities of utmost evil and great sanctity throughout history. In the Book of Exodus, the Golden Calf is a symbol of idolatry and rebellion against God.Metallic BikiniIn popular culture, the golden pocket watch and its fastening golden chain were the characteristic accessories of the capitalists, the rich and the industrial tycoons. Credit card companies associate their product with wealth by naming and coloring their top-of-the-range cards “gold” although, in an attempt to out-do each other, platinum has now overtaken gold. Gold Metallic BikiniThe metallic fashion trend might be in, but suffering for the sake of style is always out. Metallic finishes in shiny synthetic materials can leave you feeling hot and sticky. This implicates that you get the shimmer without the simmer with comfortable and stunning fashion statements.Ralph Lauren brand shows up their metallic products through Ralph Lauren Polos as well as in their foot wears. Hot Babe Metallic FashionIn spring fashion trend, spangle brightened catwalks everywhere and designers steered clear of the ultra futuristic, bulky intergalactic people come to associate with metallic finishes and shiny plastics. Instead, they have gone for a luxury look with fluid, light-reflective pieces and a streamlined aesthetic executed with draping, pleating, and bias-cuts. Designers twisted the style of metallic trends into graceful and stunning looks of designs as well as futuristic styles of their master pieces.Metallic BikiniNow the luxury version is shimmering and glimmering smart enough to wear for an evening on the town like this lovely silver and gold version right suggests. Nowadays, Metallic fashion is not just an ordinary fashion style but it keeps the personality of extra-ordinary fashionista. This is the way of luxury and unique fashion through the Kiss of silver and Touch of Gold via Metallic fashion trend. Metallic Bikinis

Swaptilyoudrop - Fashion for a good cause!

Have you ever had a friend wear some unique and quirky clothing item that your instantly in love with and then when questioning where they got it from they casually reply ‘oh the markets’, ‘overseas’, or now the latest way to discover that special treasure – ‘the clothing swap party’. I have particular friends (my sister is one) who ALWAYS seem to come across these treasures, and I feel like I’m never in the right place at the right time to discover them myself.

I have good news though! If you live in Sydney or will be there this Sunday 28th of June, the clever girls from SwapTilYouDrop will be hosting a clothing swap party in Surry Hills. The event supports the Oaktree Foundation & will be donating funds to support Timor-Leste's Youth Livelihoods Program. I say don't waste an opportunity to indulge in a day of fashion while at the same time supporting a great cause – no shopping guilt there!!!!

Celebs like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss & Rachel Bilson dress in that quirky, eclectic style that looks put together with a mix of market finds & designer pieces always ending up with total outfit perfection.

SwapTilYouDrop Clothing Swap Party.
Date: 28the June 2009
Check-In: 10-11am
Cost: $15
Where: 589 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Celebrity Style: Transformers Star Megan Fox

Gorgeous Transformers star Megan Fox in her assorted range of denim and what seems to be becoming her trademark hat. She claims to not be ‘one of those girls who follows fashion’ opting for jeans and tshirts. Clearly Megan would make even brown hessian sack look magnificent.

Looking forward to the Transformers movie & more of Megan’s gorgeous casual style in the media!

Lux to less jeans:
Levis Capital E Jeans US$258
K Fit Rigid Damaged Skinny Jean $89.95
Indigo Wash Jean $39.95

Pink Trends: The Femme Fashion Way of Life

Every women loves the color Pink and some other men love it too. But Pink is a color that really signifies as the identity of Feminine fashion. This is true, pink fashion is for women fashion though not only among the girls love the color. There are guys which can be seen on their preferences for clothing. Pink applies also to many other items, not only among the accessories but also to the clothing from reality to fantasy.
Pink color determine the feminine personality of fashionista. This is the most stunning and personified color which highly recognized the identity of women's fashion. Pink is one of the coolest tone of color which is lovable in the emotion and feels good in our sight. It was emancipated that Pink fashion is purely fun and sexy.The color pink gives a pleasant appearance to the beholder. Women as well as other guys in pink designer clothing makes the ambiance around them energetic and pleasurable. Fashion experts state that pink attire makes the person younger than their actual age. Yes, Pink fashion apparels can keeps your appearance younger because the energy of this color defies ages of the beholder. As we can see, there are lot of old women love wearing pink because they want always look younger. In young generation today, majority of girls loves the Pink fashion in their clothing and accessories.Pink clothes are flattering. Pink is pretty. Pink bags, dresses, pants, skirts, tops and more have their place in a feminine wardrobe. There are latest pink fashions on the web as you can see in Designer clothes online. Pink clothes every girl must have. In Legally Blonde, our Harvard beauty had a gorgeous wardrobe of Pink Clothes. She is smart in that pink makes a girl prettier, more feminine than ever. That's why designer clothes industry like Ralph Lauren brought the fusion of women's fashion in Pinkaholic way of women's fashion lifestyle.More than just a fashion color, pink is a symbol of hope, and a common denominator for products that support women's causes. Pink serves as the symbolic way of hope for all women who suffers discouragement and sickness. This color brought hope as used as symbolic color for the hope of women to energize their selves and keeping their path positive.The pink phenomenon might not age really well. Yet that's precisely the point – Pink is here today because tomorrow is so scary to think about. The color of hothouse flowers and glorious summer landscapes speaks to our bruised psyches. Brown is bleak while Pink is anything. Pink is one of the coolest colors in the fashion world on the present day. Once considered as the symbol of youth, pink has been classified as the classical fashion color, today. On recent days pink is the favorite color of western fashion.Even if you decide not to buy another pink color dress for the next shopping; your hands will involuntarily lead you to a pink costume. It is widely known that, next to the red color, pink symbolizes the romance in mind. The color pink brings a soft and inspiring feeling to the mind. The experts who interpret colors say that those who love pink color are honest in relationships. If you wear pink, you have an innocent look that leads into honest way of life.Ralph Lauren Polo have the color pink in both designer menswear and women's clothing. This symbolize as harmonic fashion in relationship of couple. Pink is the color of fashion. Find the best matches with the color of pink and bring out the feminine side of you! Be fashionable with pink and see your world accommodating with Pink Fashion way of life.

Shoe Trend: Sienna Miller & Agness Deyn stepping out in their Brogues..

I’m slowly but surely starting to really like this trend. I’m pretty sure it’s one that won’t be kind on my 5ft nothing body however the more I see the more I like.

It’s one of those fashion trends that creeps in slowly and then suddenly hits big time, now making appearances on the likes of style queens Sienna Miller and Agness Deyn, plus on the feet of many stylish fashionistas on Combining your brogues with the right outfit will create an edgy look and is a great alternative to other comfy flat winter shoes.

I’ll be featuring more ‘Brogues’ and where you can purchase them in the next Issue of Mylookbook... stay tuned... Online July 1st...

Agness Deyn & Sienna Miller showing off their individual 'Brogue' Style...

A stylish member of

Pretty Pics Online this week - Alexa Chung, & Sienna Miller

Inspiration for the weekend ahead, pretty pictures I stumbled upon this week...

Alexa Chung on MTV (Looooove her dress) - Image Source: The Cut

Pretty Feet - This weekend I'm going to play dress ups with my feet in contrasting shoes and stockings... Image Source: KnightCat Blog

Cute cute cute... If you love a bit of street style fashion photography, check out the Vanessa Jackman Streetstyle Blog

I would never have considered wearing that coloured blazer but love love love this look. My favourite pic this week from

The lovely Sienna Miller from the 'Look of the Day' Pics on Instyle UK

Great Fashion Sense = Stylish Home?

As it usually happens, discovering one interesting photo then gets me obsessed about a whole entire theme and so after coming across this image of Alexa Chung in her home today, I started wondering about other stylish celebrities and their interior design taste. Are they as fashionable in their home style as what they are when they walk out the door? I can’t confirm all the images below are really their own homes (I’m just assuming) although from what I can see, the stylish interiors pictured are definitely on par with how brilliantly they dress themselves....

Alexa Chung - Image Source

Rumi Neely -

Designer Arabella Ramsay - Source InStyle Magazine May 2009

Stylist Rachel Zoe

Girl Crush - Willa Holland

I’m positively and completely in a Gossip Girl frenzy right now. I don’t actually have pay TV however after a weekend at my sister’s house watching the complete Season 1 DVD Set, I then purchased Season 2 online and have been obsessively watching it every chance I get.

Halfway through disk 2 actress Willa Holland makes an entrance and having last remembered seeing her playing Kaitlin Cooper (Mischa’s little sis in the OC), she is now all grown up looking very edgy & chic indeed. It’s been hard to track down photos of her but if you watch her on Gossip Girl you’ll get the gist of how ‘girl crush’ worthy she is (I really don’t like that term but I don't have another phrase to describe compulsively googling another girls images & gushing over her face, hair, clothes etc). Anyway, Willa Holland is now all grown up and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her on our television screens and hopefully fashion pages!

Cute & Casual - Hayden Panettiere

Always looking so radiant and healthy, Hayden's most striking feature is her fresh faced glow (and then of course her perfect style). If it's cute & casual or red carpet glamour, I'm adoring all her winter looks. I'll be featuring her red carpet style in the July issue of Mylookbook but in the meantime, here's a peek at Hayden's chic day time style...

Steal a touch of Hayden's style...
Vans Authentic Lo Pro In Brown $69.95

Contrast Button Shirt $29.95
Samvara Tully Washed Nappa Leather Cropped Jacket $609

The Ultimate Rare Fashion: Unique Power Orange Trend

Some people express their fashion statements through the powerful tone of orange color. In general fashion, there are few fashionista who express their selves with this orange fashion trend. When it comes to color enthusiasm, not all fashionistas love the color of orange because there lot of consequences where orange color define as unique or not for general usage. Orange color has the rarity of usage in fashion because not all the fashion apparels have use this color. The great thing here is, orange is use as unique design for every designer clothes and apparels. But the cons here is, not all the tone of skins fits the orange color. Orange color are fits only for fashionistas who have fair and light color. In dark tones, it looks bad but sometimes it suits depends on the design of the clothes or accessories. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.To the human eye, orange is a very hot color, so it gives the sensation of heat. Nevertheless, orange is not as aggressive as red. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity. It is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Orange is the color of fall and harvest. In heraldry, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance.Orange has very high visibility, so you can use it to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design. For example, you wear orange dress, this will catchy to the eyes of other people around you. You have very high visibility dress because of orange color. In fashion industry, orange color is part of neon colors aside from yellow and light green. In the neon colored trend, orange has unique concept of designs and style which is affirmatively for elegant fashion and suits for one of a kind simulation of unique fashion trend. Designer clothing brands such as Ralph Lauren use this orange color for their Polo Ralph Lauren products as well as in their other products such as dress, tops, shirts, and many more. Orange redeem the energetic tone of this color when it comes to fashion apparels. This is wonderful trend that hits up in every fashion seasons.