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I apologise to everyone however the Internet speed in Bali is quite a lot slower than I had anticipated so my intention of being able to easily upload the Feb Issue while on holiday here isn't quite going to plan...

The new issue will now be online Feb 4th & hopefully you'll find it worth the wait! In the mean time, here's a few pages to take a peek at...

The Elegance of Fashion in the Red Carpet of 16th Screen Actors Guild Awards

Screen Actors Guilds AwardsHollywood was out in full force once again for the 2010 Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles. Find out which celebrities looked glam and who looked drab. Another Stunning award party for the Celebrities this SAG awards 2010. Let's find out who are being Glam and being nasty during the Red Carpet parade at the said event. See who has the most elegant look in their Designer clothing gowns and outfits. So, here are the fashion outlook of the celebrities in the red carpet parade during the Screen Actors Guild Awards last Saturday, January 23, 2010.

Sandra Bullock and Penelope Cruz
SAG Sandra Bullock and Penelope CruzChristina Hendricks and Mariah Carey
SAG Christina Hendricks and Mariah CareyDrew Barrymore and Jenna Fischer
SAG Drew Barrymore and Jenna FischerCarey Mulligan and Joan Allen
SAG Carey Mulligan and Joan AllenLea Michele and Patricia Arquette
SAG Lea Michele and Patricia ArquetteJane Krakowski and Anna Kendrick
SAG Jane Krakowski and Anna KendrickHelen Mirren and Michelle Monaghan
SAG Helen Mirren and Michelle MonaghanTina Fey and Julianna Margulies
SAG Tina Fey and Julianna MarguliesMarion Cotillard and Anna Paquin
SAG Marion Cotillard and Anna PaquinMeryl Streep and Sophia Loren
SAG Meryl Streep and Sophia LorenSigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter
SAG Sigourney Weaver and Holly HunterToni Collette and Paula Patton
SAG Toni Collette and Paula PattonVera Farmiga and Julia Louis-Dreyfus
SAG Vera Farmiga and Julia Louis-DreyfusKate Hudson, Diane Kruger and Christina Applegate
SAG Kate Hudson Diane Kruger and Christina Applegate

Announcing The pH Miracle Cleanse

Dear Friends and Family,

We couldn’t wait to reach out to you with some outstanding news. Our dream becomes reality!

Over the past couple months we have teamed up with a good friend Kristofer Bullock, and Dr. Robert O Young, author of The pH Miracle book series. Our mission and vision has been in alignment with Dr. Young and Shelley since 1998, when we first met. Healing and educating our Alkalizing community is what gets us up early and keeps us up late; it’s our passion. We have listened to your requests and have feverishly been working with the pH Miracle team on creating a guided cleanse and detoxification program. We are excited to say that pH Miracle Cleanse is ready to launch. Our first guided cleanse and live interactive webinar series is scheduled for Feb 1-13. We’re currently accepting registrations! Please share this information with anyone you feel might benefit! Dr.Young will also be sending out an e-mail to the community.

To learn more about it, visit our website www.phmiraclecleanse.com

Imagine, for one hour each night, being guided through a 10 day “Liquid Feast”. You will learn from world renowned speakers such as Dr. Robert O Young and Shelley Young, John Maguire, Gary King, Mark Lamm, and Debbie Battersby on the topics of health, emotions, relationships, finance and spirituality. We are happy to introduce this 21st Century technology to you, all from the comfort of your home or office! We know this is the most effective way to bring to the community profound information and resources in the areas of health and harmonized living.
If you feel you need more personalized coaching in addition to the guided cleanse, please feel free to call us at 858-794-4688.

We hope and pray that all of you are well and that all your visions for 2010 become reality.
P.S. Remember to check out the “affiliate corner” towards the bottom right column of the pH Miracle Cleanse website.

Yours In Energetic pHashion, Glenn Stone
Lori Stone
pH Miracle Cleanse
(858) 794-4688
PO Box 910028
San Diego, CA 92191

"Be good to yourself. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”---Kobi Yamada

Holiday Feet

At this moment I'm quite fortunate to be blogging (while on holiday) in beautiful Bali. Thus, my mind is quite far away from what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet and what new winter styles are making their new season appearance on shelves & online right now.

I'm still very much thinking about shopping, shoes in particular, but also what my holidaying feet should be looking like & and for each specific purpose they might happen to be doing while here in Bali.

First up is to get those holiday feet holiday presentable. If your arriving from Winter the Northern Hemisphere (where your feet have been tucked away snugly in winter boots) or from the harsh Austraian summer sun, your feet should start their holiday at least looking pretty.

So, first thing is a pedicure. Two reasons why it's the perfect way to start your holiday.

1) What better way to relax and ease yourself into holiday mode.
2) Your feet will of course then look their beautiful summer best

Next is the holiday feet dress code. In Ba
li shopping is one of the major pass times. You'll probably be spending hours walking the streets in extremely hot weather. You need cool, comfortable (and of course stylish) shoes. I personally recommend good old havaianas, the classic strap instead of the new slim line is probably going to be more hardy, however if you grab a pair of the metallic tops they'll not only be comfy but look fantastic with just about anything. (Pictured: Havaiana 'Top' Metallic $24.95)

There's also Birkenstock's (the classic travellers shoe) which now has a variety of nice looking styles.

Birkenstock Mayari BF in Black $124AU www.birkenstock.com.au

So next, you'll probably be eating out most nights. The atmosphere in most restaurants is relaxed. I'm staying in Seminyak which over the past few years has become kind of an 'up market' and trendy little area. The dress code at night is still casual but you'll spot slightly more 'trendy' types up this end, 'Bintang' singlets not quite as plentiful as further South in Kuta. So have fun dressing up slightly in casual yet chic sandals (Bali is not the place to do heels so I wouldn't even bother packing any.)

A cute sandal suggestion for night time dress code:

Goddess of Babylon 'Babylon Sandal' $139 www.goddessofbabylon.com

So anyway, stay tuned for the next Bali update shortly!

Fashion Elite at the 67th Annual Globe Awards

67th Golden Globe AwardsIts a momentous emotions and feelings came from the most talented celebrities in Hollywood in one of the most prestigious award night of the year. This is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association 67th Golden Globe Awards (2010). We've been witnessed the shiny starred event at the first month of 2010 in which we saw the stunning beauty and gorgeous personality of well-known Hollywood actors and actresses as well as the great producers and directors of every movies that won the awards in this events. Of course James Cameron with his master piece Avatar highlighted on the top. Golden Globe Awards Winner

Since the Golden Globe Awards are already finished, let's talk about the fashion elite intrigues that shown up during the said event. Wooh! Is there something new, or even same old band new fashion statements of the celebrities that attended the event? Let's find out who are the celebrities who brought new trends in their outfits and who are the celebrities that mess out their night with their remodeled outfits or suits. Hmmmm!!! take a look on the new Designer clothing that wore by the Elite entertainment personalities. So, here are some of the images of the celebrities and other entertainment personalities in their fashion statements during the 67th Golden Globe Awards: Check out whose “IN” and whose “OUT”...

Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger

Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger

Chloe Sevigny and Jaime Pressly

Chloe Sevigny and Jaime Pressly

Cameron Diaz and Sarah Hyland

Cameron Diaz and Sarah Hyland

Carey Mulligan and Courtney Cox

Carey Mulligan and Courtney Cox

Fergie and Heidi Klum

Fergie and Heidi Klum

Julianne Moore and Marion Cotillard

Julianne Moore and Marion Cotillard

Kate Hudson and Lisa Edelstein

Kate Hudson and Lisa Edelstein

Leona Lewis and Rose Byrne

Leona Lewis and Rose Byrne

Shaun Robinson and Sofia Vergara

Shaun Robinson and Sofia Vergara

Samantha Harris and Christina Handricks

Samantha Harris and Christina Handricks

Penelope Cruz and Lea Michele

Penelope Cruz and Lea Michele

Olivia Wilde and Carrie Ann Inaba

Olivia Wilde and Carrie Ann Inaba

Maria Menounos and Julia Roberts

Maria Menounos and Julia Roberts

Mariah Carey and January Jones

Mariah Carey and January Jones

The Truth About Heart Disease and Strokes

Everything you've been told about cholesterol and heart disease is wrong, Wrong, WRONG!
I know that sounds hard to believe, but it's true!

Most people are convinced that heart disease and stroke result from a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fats. This notion is based on the flawed idea that cholesterol is the cause of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

But the truth is, cholesterol, even the so-called bad cholesterol protects you from having a heart attack or stroke. And we've known this for decades! The true cause of a heart attack or stroke comes from excess metabolic and dietary acids that are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination – respiration, defecation, urination and finally perspiration. The body protects you from a heart attack or stroke by binding-up dietary, metabolic and/or environmental acids with cholesterol. Bottom-line cholesterol is saving your life! You are at a greater risk for a heart attack or stroke with low cholesterol then with higher cholesterol if you are on an acidic lifestyle and diet. Why? Once again cholesterol does not cause heart attacks or strokes – metabolic and dietary acid causes heart attacks and strokes.

When President Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower had his first heart attack, his cholesterol level was 164 mg/dl — a level considered "perfect" by today's standards.

What's more, Ike had his cholesterol measured 10 times a year. He eliminated all saturated fats and ate supposed "heart-healthy" foods, such as corn oil. He did everything his cardiologists asked of him — and yet he suffered a number of new heart attacks and later died of an acidic heart condition.

What was true of Ike has been true of the general population as well. Americans have been eating a so-called acidic "heart-healthy" diet for more than 40 years now, and yet we've seen no reduction in heart dis-ease, stroke, or atherosclerosis. In fact, heart dis-ease is worse today than it was 50 years ago!

The U.S. government's ACIDIC dietary recommendations have killed more Americans than both world wars!

People find it difficult to believe that everything they have been told about cholesterol could be wrong. They especially have difficulty believing that their own doctors could be so wrong.
After all, these doctors went to medical school . . . and they use a lot of fancy medical jargon. That's proof that they must know what they are talking about.

The fact is that over 50% of what doctors learn in medical school is either wrong or out dated when they graduate.

When you began to examine the scientific evidence from my research and others in greater detail you discover that most doctors have been misled and merely parroting a so-called out-dated lie that was not true.

After years of research I have discovered that cholesterol is NOT a cause of heart disease and stroke but a preventative substance created by the body to prevent heart disease and/or stroke. Bottom line cholesterol is saving your life from excess acidity. . . but also that the so-called "heart-healthy" diets are highly acidic that have been pushed on Americans for four decades is behind the cancer epidemic we've seen.

In fact, the U.S. government's acidic dietary recommendations probably have killed more Americans than both world wars! That's because the foods and liquids that the government has been recommending are like powerful "acids" that spoil body cells leading to tissue acidosis or a cancerous condition.

A report from the Framingham Heart Study, reported in the prestigious journal The Lancet, found that men with cholesterol below 190 mg/dl — considered "healthy" for their hearts — had TRIPLE the risk of developing colon cancer when compared to men with levels greater than 220 mg/dl.

As for the risk of heart attack from the higher cholesterol, there was NO DIFFERENCE between the men with levels at 180 mg/dl and those with cholesterol greater than 250 mg/dl.
The problem is, most doctorsdon't have time to keep up with the latest scientific research and most of the conclusions are wrong!

Every year, our government and a number of private institutions spend billions of dollars on research, yet a great deal of this research goes unread and is wrong.

Worse, the information gleaned often never is used in treating and preventing human disease.
Most doctors never read more than a few articles in popular medical journals, and they almost never read studies of basic science. This is why they think so-called alternative treatments do not work.

But the truth is, Dr. Robert O. Young’s "alternative" alkalizing treatments will become tomorrow's standard of treatment.

One example: For decades, so-called alternative and nutritionally-oriented physicians have advocated the omega-3 (fish, flax and hemp) oils as a proven preventive for cardiovascular disease, and as a vital component for neurological development in the young.

Yet for years many doctors dismissed such recommendations — and mainstream medical journals went out of their way to attack believers in fish/flax/hemp oil supplements as misguided. (Now, of course, they all sing its praises as a preventive . . . yet it started out as an "alternative" treatment.)

Now Dr. Young, through his years of research has found that omega-3 oils help to buffer toxic acids from diet and metabolism that cause heart disease, stroke and cancer.

To learn more about the prevention of acids that lead to ALL sickness and dis-ease, including heart disease, stroke and cancer using omega 3 oils read The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss and The pH Miracle for Cancer.

Fashion Lust

Oh to have an endless wallet....(just like that packet of tim tams) if a Genie happened to grant me that particular wish right this second, this is what would be on my shopping list & the outfit I'd be wearing today...

Click on the image to enlarge...

Celebrity Style - Abbie Cornish

Today's post ties in with the fun facebook give-aways I've been doing over the past few days.

Today is all about romance because Mylookbook has 5 x Double Passes to the movie 'Bright Star' to give away starring beautiful Aussie actress Abbie Cornish.

Abbie is one of my absolute favourite Australian stars, not only as an actress but her natural & easy going personal style.

So if your a fan of Abbie, you'll love today's activities. You can visit the Mylookbook Facebook page for a chance to win tickets to Bright Star, and below is a little bit of "Abbie Trivia" (imdb.com). To top it all off, there's also a touch of beauty & style inspiration... Enjoy!

Learnt to drive at the age of 12.
Has been a vegetarian since the age of 13.
Plays piano and guitar.
Her parents split up when she was 16 years old.
Has trekked across Morocco, Brazil, Italy and France.
Favorite actresses are Cate Blanchett and Samantha Morton.
After reaching the final of a competition by "Dolly" magazine, she worked as a model for a while.
Born as second of five children, she has three brothers and a sister.
Met boyfriend Ryan Phillippe while filming Stop-Loss (2008) in August 2006. They have been together ever since.

Loving the maxi skirt!

Photos: Zimbio

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Glamour of Celebrity Fashion Chic

Glamour of Celebrity fashion chicBeing Glamorous and stylist are made through your sense of fashion lifestyle. They have to be cultivated like a blossoming flower in which you can maintain proper styling of your fashion statement. Being a fashion chic, you must know what is IN and OUT. Know also the DO's and DONT's about your fashion. Learning to love yourself in the mirror, creating your own personal style and having the self-confidence to stand out in a crowd are all necessary ingredients for feeling glamorous. Achieving a sense of style means dressing in cuts and luxury fabrics which flatter your figure, wearing mainly classics that are timeless, and investing in the best when it comes to the quality of those Designer clothes in your wardrobes. Glamour of Celebrity fashion chic

This time, being a superstar or being a most shining or stunning star in the Hollywood, celebrities are having their outstanding fashion statements that totally intrigue in the eye of the entertainment world. Their glamour and fashionated figures are reigning and always sensational in showbiz talks. 2010 is another year that every celebrities must go on for their new fashion lifestyle. Let's see how the celebrities maintaining their looks of being a fashion chic. See the glamorous celebrity chic in here in their fashion:

Alison Sweeney || Angelina Jolie || Avril Lavigne

Alison Sweeney Angelina Jolie Avril Lavigne fashion image

Carrie Underwood || Zoe Saldana || Fergie

Carrie Underwood Zoe Saldana Fergie fashion image

Arianny Celeste || Taylor Swift || Mariah Carey

Arianny Celeste Taylor Swift Mariah Carey fashion image

Blake Lively || Christina Aguilera || Madonna

Blake Lively Christina Aguilera Madonna fashion image

Davorka Tovilo || Gwen Stefani || Jennifer Lopez

Davorka Tovilo Gwen Stefani Jennifer Lopez fashion image

Diane Kruger || Kim Kardashian || Yvonne Strahovski

Diane Kruger Kim Kardashian Yvonne Strahovski fashion image

Eva Amurri || Penelope Cruz || Stormy Daniels

Eva Amurri Penelope Cruz Stormy Daniels fashion image

January Jones || Britney Spears || Vanessa Hudgens

January Jones Britney Spears Vanessa Hudgens fashion image

Joanna Angel || Katie Price || Kayden Kross

Joanna Angel Katie Price Kayden Kross fashion image

Sandra Bullock || Nicole Scherzinger || Nicole Richie

Sandra Bullock Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Richie fashion image

Tila Tequila || Eva Longoria || Demi Lovato

Tila Tequila Eva Longoria Demi Lovato fashion image