This really works...

I love a pair of pants or a skirt with a stand-out print, and this photo from screams print perfection. The combination of the loud printed skirt, black and white basics on the top, and that gorgeous camel coat creates just such a perfect balance of colour and lines. She looks comfortable, cosy and impeccably stylish. An absolutely flawless ensemble.

Catching up with friends & digging up old pix

Another beautiful day here in Calgary. The sunny day is what kept me motivated during the day at work :-) 
What made me even more excited was that I received a (1.) new Gucci watch from a friend today xo. After work, I went for a little shopping and out to dinner at Joey's with couple of my friends (4.) Mandy and (5.) Elias. It's always nice to be able to have a couple (6.) drinks on a Monday evening. I was craving for some good salads and the (7.) Soy Chicken Viva Salad (soy chicken because I am a vegetarian) is always one of my favourites there. (8.) The curry Mandy had looked good as well. Finished off with (9.) Apple pie with maple ice-cream and (10.) Molten chocolate cake <3. (2. & 3.) Style of the day: Shirt: Comme des Garçons; Hat: H&M.

While writing my blog and fixing some photos on my phone, I dug up some old pics and played around with them with the "Instagram" app. These were photos I had during my attendance at the Canadian television 24th Annual Gemini Awards couple years ago. I am always thrill to see what people wear at the red carpet. :-) 
(1.) Me (won't go wrong wearing full black by Sisley Italy) (2.) Cory Monteith (3.) Erin Karpluk (3.) MTV-live Nicole Holness (4.) Leela Savasta (5.) Chandra West
(7.) Flashpoint casts: Hugh Dillon, Amy Jo Johnson & Enrico Colantoni (8.) Jessica Lucas (9.) George Stroumboulopoulos (10.) Heartland: Amber Marshall & Graham Wardle (11.) Rick Mercer (12.) Dragon's Den Arlene Dickinson

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Attractive fashion model taxing long dress

Fashion design dress trends 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I'm thinking she could quite possibly be the most divine woman on the planet right now?


Casual Sunday-Loving it

I am starting to love my Sundays ever since I took the initiative to strictly refrain myself from working 7 days a week. We all need that time during the week to "recharge" the mind and body. Thankfully, this Sunday we had a clear blue sky and sunny weather. For those who lives in Calgary will understand that there are only "two phases" of summer here - "July & August". Therefore, whenever there is an opportunity for the sun, people tend to make the best out of it.  
(1.) It was absolutely a gorgeous day today (clear blue sky), considering it was raining cats and dogs for the past few days. (2.) The sky has really triggered my colour choice for clothing. For a chill day like today however, being casual is all I needed. :-) (3.) Then green grass ensures me that summer is coming. Going for brunch with my friend Sonia was the greatest idea. We went to Cora today, a Canadian breakfast/lunch chain from Montreal. (4.&6.) Eggs Benedict and Blue Berry Fields Pancakes looked exceptionally good. (5.) The restaurant always give a warm welcome except for the long line-up (at least a half-hour wait) every Sunday. (7. 8.&9.) Casual outfit today: (Tops: Jimmy Choo for H&M Tee,  Tommy Hilfiger army vest; Bottom: Levi's 510; Bracelet: Bottega Veneta).
Finally, I just like to post a few pics I snapped with my phone during the Alberta Fashion Week. Unfortunately I was unable to take as many pics as I want since I was busy writing down notes and preparing for interviews during the event. Just want to mention, we have some stylish people in this city :-) (10.) Fashion blogger Diva Lounge (11.) D.W Fashion Designer (12.) Laura and Nichollette.

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Live A pH Miracle Lifestyle

Hey friends. Jeanie & I just returned from  boring do nothin but workin out  vacation, eating/drinking good, no stress from law office, almost forgot how  great it felt to be in great shape. Decided to attempt to defy age a bit so I'm  back on 2 workouts per day before & after work & feeling like the good old days.  I encourage all of you to do same thing! Only have 1 body & life is way too  short! Workin on getting into fighting shape again this morning so I can start  training again whether police or others, martial arts or just civilian hand to  hand combat. See me smiling!? 
Please consider Attacking me cuz I need the practice! I share this with you because when I see you next it will encourage me  to keep my published word & you will hold me responsible as I would you if you  asked. Would love to work out with any of you anytime. I may have a couple law  enforcement training opportunities coming up & can't wait to work again with my  real Brothers & Sisters in law enforcement - my family! I wish & encourage you  all to first & foremost live each day to make this a little bit better world  when you leave it, to better prioritize your lives (Jesus 1st, Family 2nd,  everything else 3rd), to maintain an Alkaline lifestyle (see rather than an Acidic one, to exercise daily & to stay  positive & happy.  
There are some important people I left out given the  limitations in this phone so sorry. Keep your word, do the right thing, smile &  believe in the Lord. Hope to see you soon & really, feel free to attack me, at  your peril of course, but also feel free to harass me & help me stay on track.  That's what friends do. 
Remember those who have died protecting us & have a  great weekend. God Bless & dust off your workout gear & just start even if  slowly or maybe I'll just "attack" you :-) 
Peace & Love! 

Backstage to NTSA

New Talent Singing Awards (NTSA) is an international singing competition searching for new music talents for the Asian music industry. The winner from each representing city around the world will be sent to Hong Kong for the final competition. There are three audition cities held every year here in Canada, which are Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. This is my 4th year as one of the hosts (along with fm94.7 DJ Arian and Yuk Fung) hosting the semi-final for the Calgary audition. Instead of searching boutiques for clothing, we wanted to do something a little different with our wardrobe this year and decided to each design our own clothes for the first part of the night. 
(1.) For myself, I've designed an "Owl Shirt" piece, which had taken me quite a bit of time. We had MC rehearsal during the day of the competition. (2.) I was surprised to see my name on the blackboard, a "welcome" sign, as I entered the backstage (^-^)/ or…it could've been something else. (3.) Yuk Fung wore his lovely Jeremy Scott "Bear" Adidas to work today, which caught a lot co-workers' attention. It almost seemed like the bears could say "hi" to you when you look at them. (4.) After a brief rehearsal then it was time to prepare our show for the night.
(5.&6.) Though I never had to chance to actually put on the "Owl Shirt" until minutes before going on stage, it actually turned out fine. I was grateful to hear positive comments about my piece. 
For the 2nd part of the night, we wanted to have a hot retro-color theme. (7.) I wore a vintage Gianni Versace multi-print shirt with Brotherhood jeans and a pair of Jeremy Scott "Three-tongues" Adidas. (8.) Arian looking great in her sassy retro multi-color print one-piece dress. (9.) Also Yuk Fung in his full fledged Tommy Hilfiger attire. Ten finalists are selected to enter a final Calgary audition round, which will be at Jack Singer Concert Hall on July 10th. This year we have the new Hong Kong Canto-pop sensation, Jonathan Wong as our special guest with musical performance. 
Everyone including the top ten finalists tonight all deserved a round of applause. All ten finalists will be given music and dance training for the next month to prepare for the July 10th competition.

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Instagram fun

Black shade: Stupidiotic
Bunny mask: Designed by myself
Tie: Brook Brothers
Shirt: Zac Posen
Blazer: Valentino

Crown: Vivienne Westwood

The iPhone app "Instagram" has been one of my favourite tools to play around with my instantaneous snapshots :-)

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What's Hot this Summer: Retro Colors and Stripes

Louis Vuitton Accessories 2011

United Nude Multiple Color Stripes

Prada S/S 2011

Fendi Bag

Jil Sander S/S 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2011

Sonia Rykiel S/S 2011

MaxMara Coat

Ilaria One-piece Dress

Hermès Bangles

Photos: Vogue
Info: 张楠
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Miss Lanvin Dolls

Just received my 2011 collection of Miss Lanvin Doll. These porcelain dolls were designed by Albert Elbaz, the designer of the veritable fashion house of Lanvin in partnership with well known Taiwanese craftsman Franz. Only 800 of each were produced worldwide. Apparently, it doesn't seem like Lanvin in France will ship to Canada, I ordered this one from L'Inde le Palais. You can also follow them on Twitter: @lindestore_com. You can also check out Lanvin other dolls at Lanvin online store.

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First blog entry: An Intro to the blogging world

After talking to a bunch of fashion-loving friends here and there, and during a local fashion week, I've decided to start my very own fashion blog. Blogging is somewhat a new concept to me, and I am going to be blunt about this: I am not sure if I will update as often as I want. However, one thing I do feel certain about myself is my passion towards fashion.

I was always the judgemental 3-year old who would turn my head side ways when I see a fellow ex-kindergarten classmate dressed sloppy to school, even if we were wearing school uniforms at the time. My grade school teacher would ask my parents to dispatch me to art institution occasionally during parent teacher interview, discovering that I have a natural talent in art and fabric. However, as it turns out, I gave up on what I am good at and went for something I felt more practical as a career and enjoy doing at the time: cancer research. So you may ask, "what do a science geek know about fashion?" To be honest, it is about my personal intuition. Not every luxurious fabric makes anyone beautiful, where beauty is a subjective matter. My belief is that it is important to discover your personal identity in style and character that could display your confidence towards the audience; showing that you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

Over the years, I began to have resentment not pursuing my talent. In fact, I would spend most of my time outside my research work to "study" other people's fashion designs. The purpose of this blog is to provide myself a humble memoir of all the fashion inspiration I experience in my life time. I also hope that anyone who come across reading this blog would feel the colours I sensed at the time I am writing. As I mentioned, I am a blogging newbie, please don't hesitate to write me any suggestion you may have (email..twitter etc).

-I am happy you finished reading (some may call it) one the most wordiest blog entry- I've said enough, until then, I wish you will enjoy reading my coming posts.


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Celebrity Style - Casual Stripes

Lauren Conrad, Kat Dennings and Ashley Olsen

Ideas... Bilabong bodysuit,  French Connection Stripe top,

Celebrity Stylists - Part 1

So we all know about Rachel Zoe, and because of her reality TV show, the profession of being a ‘stylist’ has now gone from virtual anonymity to the stylists becoming celebrities themselves.

While I absolutely LOVE Rachel Zoe, after chatting with a stylist friend at fashion week this year, she pointed out to me that there are SO many other talented, yet less published stylists in Hollywood, many whom are responsible for creating the looks of Hollywoods most consistently “best-dressed” celebrities such as Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie and Eva Mendes.

So while it’s not only Rachel Zoe who’s working hard to keep our favourite celebrities dressed impeccably, who are the OTHER stylists working hard behind the scenes? Busily creating the perfect outfit ensembles that the rest world gush over, finding inspiration of their own?

Nicole Chavez

One of the most in demand stylists by Hollywood celebrities, Nicole’s clients past and present include Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Amy Smart, Brittany Snow, Scarlett Johansson, Ashlee Simpson and Katherine Heigl.

Just like Rachel Zoe, Nicole has worked her way to the top of her game, starting as an intern on movie sets, then being asked to work on the set of the OC where she met Rachel Bilson.

Nicole’s styling theory is to make sure her clients look fresh and natural, not over styled or over the top. She wants them to look and feel like it’s something they did themselves.

Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley

Having worked with the likes of Eva Mendes, Penélope Cruz, Demi Moore,  Jessica Biel and the Olsen’s, these girls are in-demand.

Rumor has it that when Nicole Richie parted ways with Rachel Zoe, it was Cristina and Estee she turned to for styling advice.

The girls say that their style motto is  "classic and chic - not trendy",  not wanting any of their clients to ever look back ten years from now and wonder what they were thinking when they chose a certain look.

Andrea Lieberman

Andrea’s clients include celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Shirley Manson and Mary J. Blige. Who could forget Jennifer Lopez’s plunging green Versace dress back in 2000 at the Grammy Awards? - All Andrea’s work.

Like Rachel Zoe, Andrea has gone on to create her own fashion empire,
her fashion collection A.L.C. — for Andrea Lieberman Collection has been hugely successful, available online at and Net-a-porter.  Andrea also consulted with Gwen Stefani for the launch her label L.A.M.B. and she has her own signature  jewelry collection for Mouawad A designer first, Andrea says that she  “fell” into styling as another creative outlet.

Monica Rose

If you’re a Kardashians fan and can’t get enough of their style, it’s Monica Rose who's responsible for styling the entire Kardashian clan.

Also an aspiring stylist? Monica has her own blog where she shares her own fashion finds, style inspiration and assignments she's been working on. The site has become hugely popular for would-be stylists and industry veterans.

So this is just part one of my stylist research, if you know of any other amazing stylists please feel free to share!

My community wardrobe...

I have teenage daughters, and sometimes luckily, sometimes NOT, we all have very similar taste in clothing. When I say not, it’s only because it's MY wardrobe that now seems to have the ‘community wardrobe’ sign above it, not theirs.

I don’t think the traditional rules of how to appropriately dress for your age have changed recently (I remember regularly raiding my own mum’s wardrobe), but there has become a definitely less distinct line between what clothing is more suited to what age bracket in today’s society.

For me, at 36 I’m certainly not going to be wearing crop tops and skimpy denim shorts, however depending on how you style it, the diversity of clothing you’ll find in stores right now, really can look amazing, whatever age you are.

Luckily for me (and my girls) our “community’ wardrobe was topped up recently thanks to the very generous people at Dotti who have created a range of clothing that not only my girls have been gushing over, but I absolutely love as well!

So other than the arguments that I’m sure will arise over who wants to wear something when the other does, we’re all extremely happy (and spoiled) little fashionistas right about now!

Dotti rust knit sweater RRP$49.95

Dotti khaki singlet RRP$49.95

Dotti black sheer harem (or palazzo) pants RRP$69.95

Dotti leopard print faux fur jacket RRP$129.95

Outfit Inspiration - 23rd May 2011

I don't usually post 2 outfit inspiration posts in a row however I fell in love with this photo of Fashion Editor and Stylist, Rachele Comoli on last week. It's so natural, and once again like Friday's post, an unexpected combination that looks just SO good.

Group Cleanses and Individual Coaching



Hello Everyone,

Hope this email finds you well!

I’m happy to report that Caroline Robitaille and I have been hired on by the pH Miracle Center to work with Dr. Robert Young. We have been given the task to create an entire division that will handle all of the incoming calls and emails for product sales, fielding questions and an entire coaching program. We will be doing Group Cleanses and individual coaching. We have a two-week cleanse coming up in a few weeks that I want you to be the first to know about.


The following letter below will go out within the next week to 100,000 people. We have room for 50 people on this next group cleanse. It’s a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in finding out more don’t hesitate to call or email us right away. Please read letter below

We are excited to announce new and exciting curricula at the pH Miracle Institute. We now offer you individualized pH Miracle® Coaching Sessions and/or pH Miracle® Group Cleanses.
Whether you have serious health challenges, or just want to improve your overall health, we can help you achieve your goal.
Join us! Enroll now for the Two (2) Week pH Miracle® Group Cleanse designed by Dr. Robert O. Young, who will be our guest speaker on one of our many conference calls answering your questions.

This Group Cleanse runs from June 13 through June 26, and you can participate from the comforts of your own home.
While on this Cleanse we will help you closely monitor your progress. For those of you that have tried alone to do a self-cleanse from the pH Miracle books, and have felt the need for more support and guidance - this program is for you. This is a complete Cleanse Program.

You will receive all of the necessary cleanse and alkalizing products, while we give you the educations and information you need to live a healthy, alkalizing Lifestyle. You can even continue as part of a community of like-minded people.

This pH Miracle Cleanse has been thoroughly tested at the pH Miracle Institute, and consistently achieves dramatic, and satisfying, results in the short term of the Cleanse.
If you are interested in finding out more about our pH Miracle® Group Cleanse or individual pH Miracle® Coaching, please contact Caroline Robitaille at for Registration.
- The pH Miracle Institute / Enrollment Staff

Outfit Inspiration - 19th May 2011

God I love it when someone puts a bunch of things together that you would never expect and it just works.

Image courtesy of the endless flow of outfit ideas and inspiration at

Mylookbook Loves: May 2011

Ohhhh yeh, from new online stores to supernatural teenage romance books, these are the weird and wonderful things I'm excited about right now...

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics launches its e-commerce site at
You can now shop the entire Bobbi Brown collection online.  All orders over $100 receive free standard shipping and a deluxe sample.

The site also includes "Ask an Artist"  where customers can email a Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists directly to ask advice plus hints and tips on all things beauty. With real reviews, customers can rate and comment on all products, then share them rvia Facebook.

To celebrate the launch, the first 100 posted reviews will also receive a Complimentary Deluxe Sample of Cleansing Oil.

Quirky independent label Mother Maria releases it's Winter 2011 collection entitled "The Zen of Perfect Balance" 
The range is available on-line and mixes new and vintage fabrics, all in a signature blend of organic cottons, silks, and cupro's. This collection is both delicate, and feminine, staying true to classic Mother Maria style.

You can shop the current Mother Maria collection plus online exclusives at

PS. If you live in Sydney, you can find Mother Maria this weekend at the Finders Keepers Market. Located at Carriage works in Redfern, Mother Maria will share their stall with co-designer Sae Miyazaki and will be stocked up with brand new sweet patchwork fabric dresses, organic cotton shirts and Sae's original and genius Japanese inspired designs.

And yes, speaking of the The Finders Keepers Market, it's on this Friday 20th and Saturday 21st in Sydney.

The bi-annual event that showcases the work of emerging designers and artists from all around Australia & even New Zealand!
For more information visit

Next week Kit Cosmetics launches an exciting new skincare brand: SUPER by Dr Perricone.

A colourful, fun brand based around highly beneficial Superfood ingredients, it's been developed by the doctor Oprah calls on for all her skincare needs, and the author of five New York Times best sellers.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone revolutionised the way millions approach skincare by connecting the dots between health, wellness and beauty.

It pre-launches online at from Monday 16 May 2011 and will be available at KIT and Mecca Maxima stores nationally from Monday 23 May 2011

Do you like your books with bit of fantasy, a dash of romance and plenty of adventure (involving magic, vampires, werewolves?)

I know I need to grow up and read fiction more suited to my age, but hey, if you read 'Twilight' don't criticize.

After the whole Twilight book saga, I found myself craving even more super natural romance and luckily came across Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. Dare I say, it was just as addictive...

With 3 books initially in the series, it was meant to end with City of Glass. Then last week a little birdie told me that a fourth book had been released in March.

Needless to say I completely devoured the book in a matter of days, and if your anything like me and have a secret addiction to this genre of fiction, I guarantee you'll LOVE this entire series.

Imagine a giant clothing store where everything is free…

If I lived in Melbourne or happened to be in the area on Wednesday 1st June I'd definitely be heading out to the clothing swap being held at the The Loop Bar at 23 Meyers Place. It's so simple, just bring along up to 6 items of clothing that you value but no longer wear (who doesn't have items like that) and then you get to swap the for ones that you will wear! 

Established for 6 years now, thousands of swappers have enjoyed events in cities right across Australia. The Clothing Exchange promotes the simple notion of swapping instead of shopping for a better wardrobe and better world.

Last week I mentioned the Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Shower Gel which at the higher end of the price range is absolutely divine. However, Radox has just released four NEW shower products, each designed to treat your skin to an invigorating shower experience.

If you happen to see the Radox Pomegranate & Rosehip Oil Shower Cream on your supermarket shelf, grab it pronto! The scent is absolutely  heavenly, a blast to your senses as soon as you flip the lid open. The new Radox shower range is also gentle on your skin and contains a soap free, pH balanced formula that has been dermatologically tested to ensure your skin will always be left feeling its best.

At $5.99 for a generous sized 500mL you NEED to grab one of these next time you do your shopping!