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Quotes about Fashion Tees:Nothing to takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love” ~ Charlie Brown.

I love this shirt fashion, especially the idea of adding some realism fashion to a cartoon character and also some faces design. Something along the same lines was doing the rounds on the Net a few years ago, it was a hand drawing of the kids from South Park as real kids and not imagined characters.

August Nails Art Fashion Design

The August 2011 nail Fashion design depends on your status. In case you are a student or an intern it is advisable to have straightforward nail polish. You require to not put up an picture that is not suited to your character in particular in case you will go to school or to your office. You can ask the specialist beautician of your favorite salon about the nail designs suited for you. Tell them about your age, profession or status so that they can give you the correct assistance. Check out the professionals on the net given that your online nail salon will be so happy to assist you in your beauty issues.

Nails are getting the glare of publicity as of late. Don’t get me wrong, females have been getting their nails completed for years, but recently nail color & nail art have become an essential part of fashion.

my kind of outfit


Not sure if I'd get away with the white sunnies however the rest of the outfit is pretty much perfect as far as I'm concerned. Really REALLY loving those pants, if anyone knows what they are or where to get them please let me know!

PARKLUXE Fashion Show 2011

PARKLUXE Fashion Show happened at the Winter Garden, Jamieson Place last weekend in YYC. The event featured four diverse local designers who showcased their high-end fashion craftsmanships and their designing talents. 
with Katrina Olson: Photo by LifeImage Unlimited by Daniel F. Liu
On Katrina: Dress: Caitlin Power; Belt: Burberry; Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti
On me: Shirt inside: Izzue; Shirt outside: Simone Rocha; Necklace: mercibeaucoup x b+ab x Hello Kitty; Bracelet: Anne b. Accessories; Belt: Club Monaco; Pants: Vblak; Boots: Fluevog

Top pic: with Polly and Ivy; Right pic: friends Stephanie and Rania

The night began with a cocktail party and an opportunity to mingle with some of the most passionate people in the industry. It was a special night indeed because I saw many unfamiliar faces, which implied to me that there is an increase of awareness to local fashions. This also proves the local fashion industry has not yet been saturated and certainly there is still a growth potential.
Left pic: D.W Fashion designer Daryl White; Middle top pic: blogger Diva Lounge & Calgary Fashion Paul; Right pic: Studio Intent Chantal & Colleen

It was long since all my lovely fashionista friends gathered in one event. They all looked beautiful that night (some may need to thank the Blo Dry Bar) and I was really happy to see them.
Top left pic: Bano & eeMee designer Aleem Arif & blogger The Girl With The Messy Hair KD; Top Right pic: with make up artist Satako; Bottom left pic: with blogger Lions Lace Lattes Ashley; Bottom right pic: Calgary Fashion editor Claire

The fashion show started with: Anne b. Accessories
Anne b. Accessories

I considered Anne b. as one of my good friends. She always stands out in fashion shows with perfection. Her use of natural elements in accessories was the form of beauty itself.
Favourite piece: Red matching resin necklace/bracelet with an ethnic/cultural touch.

The 2nd designer of the night was: Lara Presber
Lara Presber

To be honest, that was the first time I experience Lara Presber's work. I really enjoyed the fact that the designs were really elegantly structured. The aspect of "power" spoke for itself in her designs, but at the same time, the feminine quality was reserved.
Favourite piece: Turquoise-blue long coat with Grey shoulder patch.

A short intermission before watching the last two designers. Had a little chat with model Ania B. She's gorgeous, as usual.
with model Ania B

with models from Sophia Models International

 The 3rd designer of the night: Bridget Bergman
Bridget Bergman

Very chic! I loved the Paris-inspired look. The designs really brought out what modern women were all about. The little hats gave it a sassy/artsy touch.
Favourite piece: Big-V neck black jacket with the Red artist cap.

The last designer of the night was well worth the wait: Caitlin Power
Caitlin Power

Caitlin have certainly earned her name in Canadian fashion. I've always loved her work since Alberta Fashion Week two years ago. A detailed use of leather and fabric brought us the elegant yet very edgy style. Girls in Caitlin Power are definitely no ordinary girls, I now call them: Danger Girls :) 
Favourite piece: Army green Leather dress (it's golden!)
Katrina Olson

My artistic and talented friend/photographer/PR Katrina Olson was wearing one of Caitlin's design that night. She was absolutely stunning!!
I was overall VERY impressed with PARKLUXE. Park did a really great job organizing this event with a beautifully decorated venue. I also liked the fact that the runway was long enough for the crowd to carefully examine or just enjoy each runway piece. Another thing I praised about the PARKLUXE was although all four designers came from various backgrounds, the show was very cohesive in terms of styles and tastes. 
Left pic: blogger The Diva Lounge; Ki Modern Japanese Restaurant decor

…and having a "after-party" just down the escalator at Ki Modern Japanese Restaurant was a smart idea. Not only it was close in proximity, Ki represented what a posh YYC restaurant looked like. PARKLUXE, I give you two thumbs up.

Photos: Vincent Law (Binzento Vincente) & Katrina Olson 

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Best Handbags Collection for August 2011

The fashion style handbags have become of the latest rages in fashion circuits around the globe in recently years. In the event you are looking for the hottest stylish handbags for the 2011 fashion season, you are in the right place. In the event you are a kind of girl that like denims and t-shirt style then you may be inclined to keep away from the new embellished trend. However, you may fall in love with some seriously divine and sophisticated 2011 handbags. On the other hand, in the event you have the tendency to head straight from the office to a dinner with friends or out on a date you will even be drawn to tuber stylish and scrumptiously sophisticated clutch, satchel, duffle, messenger, sling, tote handbags. Listed below are some tips that may help you make up your mind when you are shopping for 2011 bags.

Blo Dry Bar Opens in Calgary/ Paige Denim at Holt Renfrew: Designer Paige-Adams Geller visits YYC

1. Blo is the new Pink: Blo Dry Bar opens in Calgary, Alberta.
North America’s original no cut, no color, only: wash and blow dry BAR finally hits Calgary! #YYC.
Started in Vancouver, Canada, the entire concept of “Blo Dry Bar” is simple but SMART. An example scenario: you have a romantic dinner date at 7:00, but you can't leave work until 5:00, and you really don’t want to fight the traffic home to get your hair done and pretty yourself. I see the HUGE benefit of having a “Blo Dry Bar” around the corner to give anyone in a rush a quick, affordable runway style so they can impress the date with their fabulous hair and also not having to worry about doing the "Blo job" themselves.
Trust me…"you can't blo yourself"
A cute Blo menu is offered

Blo is so popular that it had already “blo-wn” to various parts of British Columbia, Ontario, California, Texas and now Alberta.

I was there at the Calgary’s new Blo pre-opening media day, and of course many of the YYC’s most influential fashion bloggers: Diva Lounge, Lions Lace Lattes, Mr. Fabulous,  and Twenty Something Online also attended.
PINK is BLO and BLO is PINK, so it’s no surprise that Calgary’s Blo is pinkalicious. I am sure this is one of Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) favorite hubs. Ladies there were friendly. They offered me a head massage, wash and style.
The "Blo ladies"

Being a part of Blo requires Blo’s official education, to ensure every stylist knows what they are doing and techniques are standardize.
I really like the idea of Blo so much that when I knew it is coming to Calgary, I forwarded my Fairchild TV colleagues to do some TV spot coverage.
My Blo-hair, Thank you to Blo lady Christy!
Calgary Blo owners: Thank you for hosting such a sweet event

Thank you Blo PR Hilary for her invites to this sweet media event and owners of Calgary Blo for opening this store :p You gotta Blo-ved them.

Blo Calgary is now officially opened and you can make appointments in person, by telephone, or online!
1317 1st SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 0W3

2. Paige Denim: Jeans that shapes your body
When we start to think it is getting harder and harder to find quality denim jeans, then we think again, there is Paige Denim: Made in USA.
Paige Adams-Geller: Paige Denim
Paige Denims

Holt Renfrew, Calgary hosted a special Paige Denim event showcasing some of the finest denim jeans by this label. Designer of Paige Denim: Paige Adams-Geller was at the event to give her most personal style advice to her fans. 
Paige Adams Geller, Designer for Paige Denim

Paige established her status as one of the most-requested fit models for the hottest denim brands. Being a fashion model herself, she has the body figure to look beautiful in anything. However, not of us are "blessed with the perfect genes" Paige said "But we are bringing you the next best thing: perfect jeans". The designs of these denims target areas of the body that lengthens your legs and slenderize hips and thighs. 
Paige told me that Paige Denims were designed and modelled by her. She wanted these jeans to emphasize the shape of the body and brings out the beautiful legs. I loved the pair of Paige Denim she was wearing with the double zippers on both sides, a part of the "Super Rebellious" collection/style. Others that caught my eyes were "Jadyn-Sandpiper" for women and "Drexel-Slater" for men.
With model/designer Paige Adams-Geller

This was Paige's first time in Calgary, and I am glad she said she's enjoying it so far, but unfortunately she couldn't stay longer to experience Banff and other national parks near the city. Growing from Alaska, Paige said she loves the nature and wilderness. She was very friendly and brought a great energy to the store that day.
Paige Denim designs jeans for both women and men. You can find them at Holt Renfrew, Canada or order online at Paige Denim website.

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