Having an "I hate everything in my wardrobe moment?"

It happens to all of us at some stage. Maybe it's because of PMT, unpredictable weather, or we just suddenly for no reason hate every item of clothing we own. The key survival to predicaments like this is to always have some trusty basics that you can feel completely comfortable in, will never date, and can be accessorised with easily to produce a chic and completely stylish outfit. My trusty item is a plain white shirt. Not too fitted, not too short, and always hanging ironed and ready in the wardrobe, waiting to be thrown on quickly in times of crisis.

Ashley, Nicole, Rachael & Sienna show how to work the trusty white shirt....

A couple of saviours I found and all available online...

The Jersey Dress

Featured in this months issue of Mylookbook is the tshirt or jersey dress. High on my list of must have items for summer, it's become one of those pieces I've become slightly obsessed about. If I can mix style with loads of comfort I'm in, and seeing this type of dress draped on celebrities everywhere right now, I can't help but search for more and more varities or what is available. For those who need to have the same level of luxury & quality as what their favourite celeb is wearing, there is no better place than net-a-porter. Below are a couple of the luxury items on my radar(today).

Vanessa Bruno Athé Pleated jersey dress

Diane von Furstenberg Tuvallu jersey dress

Fresh Inspiration - Charlotte Ronson

With not so many exciting new celebrity outfit sightings recently, I have to say my need for inspiration through celebrity fashionistas has left me feeling a little flat and empty. This morning however, after reading the Girlwithasatchel Blog, I felt very excited about the article on Charlotte Ronson.

If you already knew about this gorgeous & talented individual, you’re probably thinking I’m a little slow off the mark here, but hey - there is only so much time in a day to fit in stalking down every new celebrity and their daily outfits.

Charlotte Ronson is the twin sister of Samantha Ronson, (Lindsay Lohan’s current other half). She is a talented designer with a unique and quirky personal style. She created her first collection in 2000 and it is now available in high end boutiques around the world. Below are some cute pics from her collections plus Charlotte herself.... Inspiration all round I say!

Charlotte Ronson - Image thanks to GWAS Website