Imagining All The People

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! HB and I went just before Christmas dinner (our favorite sushi) before the family descended madness. And I really enjoyed it, good company, good wine, the best tuna I've ever had (I am a sushi tuna fruit), and then drove through the streets of town looking at Christmas lights.

Bonus: my DIY'ed shine boots are in high rotation are usually sitting at my door, because chances are that they are elected anyway.

It's cold and dreary in my neck of the woods. What all of you yesterday? No fun?

I'll post a fun (a bit childish) morning after gift away.

Monsieur Robot - Raf Simons 2011 or 1995?

If you were smart enough to ask for money for Christmas (that Santa Claus is Paypal?) So you are definitely knee-deep in the sale of candy. Bites anything until see the gifts you bought for Christmas sale reduced to a few days later ... I'm not stupid enough to really get out of bed for sales, there is nothing elegant waiting outside a store in the ridiculous afternoon, in the morning. Shops selling online is the smart choice, and what better place to see that Mr. Porter? From the comfort of my bed I buy via the iPhone application for Mr. Porter. Move down the long list of designers my first stop was Raf Simons, in fact, my first stop is always Raf Simons. So what's the offer? Well, the 1995 retrospective collection of the capsule is very small - which dates back to when I really liked the RAF, but he and his drawings, so I grew up the current collection can not be ignored - here my selections of both.
Raf in the 90's was all about the shirts, jackets, and a color palette almost entirely black. These items are a snap self-referential for old school fans of the RAF and also a small gift for those of us who have remained faithful. Best of all, with 50% discount to Mr. Porter, it's almost like 1995 prices as well.


In 2011, Raf is a little more sophisticated and years of heading up Jil Sander has led to some cross-pollination between the aesthetics of the two labels. While mourning the death of his shirts that you can not deny the knitting is a more suitable replacement. If the shoes and clothes were always out of reach of your budget - then it's time to strike.

Can not decide what you like best? Nor dictates I. The logic, however, sales if the clothing is 50% off, buy twice. So maybe I'll have a little something from each collection. This is the only answer.

Latest Fashon Hairstyle 2012 Trends

The world of latest fashion trends 2012 with their collection of bright Spring 2012 hypnotically was seen on the Milan runway d & g. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, d & g Dolce & Gabbana announced merger with the main line, but the collection stage, made sure the right tag Output an optimistic one.

Monochrome tones printed text and chaotic, animal prints, hanging, together with the liquid, blow dried hair. Although the wound dries advertise with exceptionally at ease and easy to achieve, in fact, there are very conflicting. It is important for optimal reflection in the roots and to ensure that the soft waves of the frame in the face.









To save your hair linked to anxiety, her hair is the mastermind behind the Redken divided his team tips to get "a gorgeous blow-out".

Follow the step by step how to guide, after the break in. If you want to make sure that the do not miss any other guide shows us trends in hair 2012, you can subscribe to the newsletter or RSS feed.

Consultant in creative, Guido ridkine, says "this style seems effortless but requires several steps to ensure the flow of the hair on the runway".

Best Celebrity Red Carpet Gowns From 2011

The awards season, movie premieres, this seems to be just another day in the supermarket can make the best of Hollywood stars. We hope to bring the theater and see the real charm of dress, this year is no exception. We are the best red carpet dress, 2011.

Givenchy by Cate Blanchett : Cate Blanchett Oscar dress was equally futuristic, spectacular and glamorous, simply. We love that she is not afraid to take risks, even at night the red carpet, the biggest of the year.

Elie Saab Couture wearing Mila Kunis: Lavender and lace trimmings complex Mila prepare the ground for the Oscars this year. All eyes were on her ... And yes, her lace accents split, too.

Emma Watson in Oscar de la Renta: At the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Emma has proven that it is not the child of ten years. She was the glamorous Hollywood image flush with bob and petals, as the garment industry.

Marchesa by Olivia Wilde: At the Golden Globes, Olivia seemed the most beautiful starry night in this stunning marquise.

Prada wearing by Hailee Steinfeld: The young actress who likes to take risks on the red carpet in this dress is new brightly colored stripes in the SAG Awards.

Kate Middleton's Christmas Outfit

May have started for the royal family's Christmas a little bit with Prince Philip, weird. After suffering a heart attack, the old king was taken to hospital Friday. Since then, he has the heart stent surgery. With the lack of 90-year-old, the morning service at St. Mary's desire to leave the rest of the royal salute as they walked the route and from the church Christmas in Sandringham.

Kate Middleton, twice a day to Santa Maria. For his first appearance, wearing a gray coat and boots Aquatalia, less than a hat or bag. The second spacewalk, Duchess of Cambridge chose a real plum layer funnel collar. According to reports, the British freelance designer, whose identity was not disclosed to the floor. However, I can confirm that Jane Kate Corbett design your game Burgundy felt hat.

Her clothes in the Christmas break, by the Spanish designer, Haimeimasi Carlo, which also had the same order as the beautiful ballet and bags, which greatly facilitates the Duchess "special requirements" black muntjac leather high heels lovers. Recently, I saw the awards dressed in black velvet, these shoes cost £ 169 in a season, but soon Kate re-issued for their hobby, "the Daily Mail Military Mascaro Sun clutch.

To complete her look, a pair of earrings Middleton said Kiki McDonald. Set in 18 carat gold green amethyst semi-precious stones, earrings should be useful for cool £ 1,900. Now, if we can get the other four teams, said Kate, Christmas use.

Fashion Inspired by Johnny Depp

Award-winning actor Johnny Depp is the most famous of memorable characters, fascinating portrait of his (and twice as "Sexiest Man Alive" title), but Johnny is fashion inspired by this week's subject line!

Johnny Depp in 1980 began his career with TV 21 jump street, add well-known writer / director Burton and collaborative work in the film, and soon began. There Depp as Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Ed Wood, Pirates of the Caribbean's most popular adventure series of the leading film role. It is also known by the human factor a little bit twisted character addition, Qiao Zhirong blow and S · Hunter Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Keys to Johnny Depp’s Style

Part of the appeal of Johnny Depp is that he comes off as too artistic mind / free to give a damn what it is. It is this aesthetic is intentional or not is debatable, but everyone can agree that his distinctive style, mysterious and unconventional. Johnny Depp almost always includes a hat, scarf and boots used in each garment. Depp has also often wears thick glasses or frame sunglasses, a lot of hard jewelry, jackets, coats and elegant.

Johnny Depp is also known for wearing clothes that look a bit tired. From elegant, not sloppy, torn jeans or a few jersey worn with pieces of Nice for people like the idea that intentional. Finally, the thin! This is one of the signatures of Johnny Depp.

Aisha Linnea Bridal Fashion From Maria B

Aisha Linnea Mehndi Makeover

Pakistani model and actress Aisha Linnea dressed in the latest collection of Maria B wedding, bridal salon style Mariam and photographed by Rizwan Baig. In this photo wedding photo shoot theme Aisha three different mehndi makeover, marriage and Walima seems incredible in the perfect balance of makeup, dark clothes and jewelry.

Aisha Linnea Wedding Makeover

Aisha Linnea Walima Makeover