3 Easy Ways To Dress Up Your 'Do For The Holidays

Pretty Pom-Poms- For a fun party look, do something different! Start by taking a one-inch section of hair on your scalp and pulling it loose forward.

Touch the hair back, away from your face.

Use a Bobby Pin to ensure the twist on the side of the head just above your ears.

Place a decorative pin just in front of the first hairpin, which will hide from view and make hair more secure.

Pines layer to create a great statement accessory, or keep it sweet and simple with a single.

Vintage Glamour - A comb of precious stones add a touch of retro romance to your look. Start by creating a bottom side part and pull all your hair to the opposite side, said in a low ponytail just below the ear.

Twist the ponytail around and glue to create a loose bun, low.

Tuck the ends of her hair inside the pan, then use bobby pins to secure the pan in place. Webb says you must use enough pins for the hair to feel like they have remained firmly in place and do not tremble when you move your head around. The pin count can vary depending on the length of your hair and thick, but usually around four pins should do the trick.

Position the comb at the top of the bun, just behind your ear. It should be pushed into the base of the bun so as to not crush or distort the style. Such a beautiful blend of sweetness with sophistication!

Haute Headband - A blinged-out band is a super-easy (and sexy) way to add a little push to your 'do. Section of a triangle of hair on top of your head, from hairline and going back to the crown of your head.

Add a half-inch section of hair down in front and then use a comb to tease hair the rest of the original triangle section. Want to create lift and volume at the roots.

Take your ribbon and lay it flat against the forehead, just at the hairline. Slide the top centre of the head. This will ensure that the front remains elegant, but not lose all that sexy volume on the back.

Pull a few pieces of hair forward to hanging over the head band, and you're ready to impress!