Monsieur Robot - Raf Simons 2011 or 1995?

If you were smart enough to ask for money for Christmas (that Santa Claus is Paypal?) So you are definitely knee-deep in the sale of candy. Bites anything until see the gifts you bought for Christmas sale reduced to a few days later ... I'm not stupid enough to really get out of bed for sales, there is nothing elegant waiting outside a store in the ridiculous afternoon, in the morning. Shops selling online is the smart choice, and what better place to see that Mr. Porter? From the comfort of my bed I buy via the iPhone application for Mr. Porter. Move down the long list of designers my first stop was Raf Simons, in fact, my first stop is always Raf Simons. So what's the offer? Well, the 1995 retrospective collection of the capsule is very small - which dates back to when I really liked the RAF, but he and his drawings, so I grew up the current collection can not be ignored - here my selections of both.
Raf in the 90's was all about the shirts, jackets, and a color palette almost entirely black. These items are a snap self-referential for old school fans of the RAF and also a small gift for those of us who have remained faithful. Best of all, with 50% discount to Mr. Porter, it's almost like 1995 prices as well.


In 2011, Raf is a little more sophisticated and years of heading up Jil Sander has led to some cross-pollination between the aesthetics of the two labels. While mourning the death of his shirts that you can not deny the knitting is a more suitable replacement. If the shoes and clothes were always out of reach of your budget - then it's time to strike.

Can not decide what you like best? Nor dictates I. The logic, however, sales if the clothing is 50% off, buy twice. So maybe I'll have a little something from each collection. This is the only answer.