Kate Middleton's Christmas Outfit

May have started for the royal family's Christmas a little bit with Prince Philip, weird. After suffering a heart attack, the old king was taken to hospital Friday. Since then, he has the heart stent surgery. With the lack of 90-year-old, the morning service at St. Mary's desire to leave the rest of the royal salute as they walked the route and from the church Christmas in Sandringham.

Kate Middleton, twice a day to Santa Maria. For his first appearance, wearing a gray coat and boots Aquatalia, less than a hat or bag. The second spacewalk, Duchess of Cambridge chose a real plum layer funnel collar. According to reports, the British freelance designer, whose identity was not disclosed to the floor. However, I can confirm that Jane Kate Corbett design your game Burgundy felt hat.

Her clothes in the Christmas break, by the Spanish designer, Haimeimasi Carlo, which also had the same order as the beautiful ballet and bags, which greatly facilitates the Duchess "special requirements" black muntjac leather high heels lovers. Recently, I saw the awards dressed in black velvet, these shoes cost £ 169 in a season, but soon Kate re-issued for their hobby, "the Daily Mail Military Mascaro Sun clutch.

To complete her look, a pair of earrings Middleton said Kiki McDonald. Set in 18 carat gold green amethyst semi-precious stones, earrings should be useful for cool £ 1,900. Now, if we can get the other four teams, said Kate, Christmas use.