Kika & Frida by Andrew & William for Fashion Gone Rogue

Kika and Frida - Frida Models and Kika expressive and beautiful portrait Andrew William Ho FGR shot. Designed by Santa Bevacqua, the duo gets dark winter seems to be made of leather, nails and everything else. Rock and roll by Meggie Cousland hair and eyes smoky makeup by Adam de la Cruz to give an advantage to luxury packages.

Year Zero combination with a black fringe shoulder padding the close button on the front, black leather collar with gold / cream fillings inserted in the sleeves, Naomi Teal Gold onxy gems multi-body chain

Craig Lawrence blue stripe knit dress, Atsuko Kudo latex nipple covers black, Mawi necklace with giant glass gems, Rachel Freire black leather fingerless gloves shrunk fabric, Zana Bayne black leather harness Cathedral
(Left) Simone Rocha black leather jacket cut elbows, wrists Nasa Yuzefi cream leather collar panel multifunction gold chain and silver diamond ring claw DISAYO skeleton (right) block zero years brocade kimono collar silver-tipped nails detail along the shoulder and neck

(Left side) Year Zero Band black padded single button closure front, black leather collar with gold / cream is inserted into the sleeves, gold chain gems Onxy Naomi Teal multi-body (right) Louis Vuitton blouse detailed drawings and green with black collar, snap closure detail in front and side, gray pants with black border 03.04 along the leg, black void, of course, to the elbow sleeves of PVC belt with three locks, Nasa Yuzefi brown / cream leather trimmed collar