Hell Looks

Kristina, 24

"I usually choose the clothes that look good on the hanger. Sometimes, I love clothes, because they are so ugly. I can buy second hand only, because of my portfolio and quality."

Raimo, 26

"I'm more interested in jewelry clothing. The necklace is made to himself. His name is Olga Calvo. I did my first book three years ago. It was as if I'm using, but is made of thread. He began to imagine how would you feel if you had long hair. "

Rea-Liina, 29

"I like colorful clothing, comfortable, and wool.
Now I'm on a Monday cheap jacket, a scarf made ​​by my grandmother, a t-shirt made by my mother and second hand boots Lapp.
Tove Jansson is my style icon. "

Mia, 27

"I'm with a scarf from American Apparel, Lee jeans jacket, a dress flying, jeans DinSko Dr. pants and boots.
I like comfortable clothes like jeans and dresses. My favorite brand is KaksitvÄ. "

Veera, 33

"I'm with a Zara coat, the rest is second-hand. Lately I've been in a more classical style, quality materials and the color brown. I like to change my style with accessories like hats and gloves."