Stockholm Streetstyle Perfection

I should be focusing on finishing the October Issue of Mylookbook however I had to share this image with you today, to me it's Spring outfit perfection....

Thank you Stockholm Street Style for continually providing so many beautiful and inspiring images...

Miu Miu V's Sportsgirl

I had a reader request recently who wanted to know what my suggestions were for summer wedges, especially wanting some budget options. I have done a full feature on wedges that will be available for Spring in the October Issue of Mylookbook however having had my eyes on these Sportsgirl wedges (knowing they would be arriving in store soon), I've just noticed they are an almost exact match to a pair of Miu Miu Wedges that retail for US$690. If you like a good budget v's splurge comparison, you'll most certainly love this....

I haven't been able to find where the Miu Miu Wedges are still available online however the Sportsgirl wedges are in store now...

Nicole Richie's new novel 'Priceless'

Whenever I hear about something new that Nicole Richie has accomplished I am truly blown away. Some may snicker and say "of course, she's a celebrity with loads of money and people to help her", and yes, although she is in a privileged position, in reality there are so many hours one has in a day & we all have the choice in what we do with them.

With so many celebrities using their money, fame, spare time etc for self indulgent activites (ultimately hurting themselves and those around them), Nicole seems to be making the most of every single second in her life to accomplish her own dreams, give back to her community and care for her young family.

To me Nicole is an inspiration. She's gone through some rocky territory on her road to adulthood however she seems to have learned some life changing lessons from her experiences, getting back up on her feet and continuing on with a desire to make the absolute most of the precious life she's been given. Recently she was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Glamour Magazine's 'Women of the Year' Awards in London, another highlight in her ever growing list of achievements.

Nicole currently juggles motherhood, designing, running businesses and can claim to be a New York Times best selling author. Her first book "The Truth About Diamonds" was published in 2006, and her new Novel 'Priceless' hit book stores here in Australia yesterday. Thanks to Harper Collins I not only have one book on it's way for me to devour, but 3 copies to give away! Head over to our facebook page and let us know why you want a copy of 'Priceless'

Alexa Chung Lip Perfection

Usually it's Alexa's outfits and hair I'm keeping a close eye on however just recently it was this stunning pink lip colour that's got me buzzing with excitement and set on a mission to find a perfect match.

I love how her make up style is normally quite minimal, her eyes usually being the main focus, her most common look is simply natural fresh faced, dark winged eyeliner and nude lips. Always looking so effortlessly natural yet perfectly balanced.

Recently though she's been opting for a variety of pink lip colours. It's such a fresh and uplifting look, something I really think we'll be seeing a whole lot more of this season (thanks to Alexa's stunning inspiration). I'm hooked already!

It didn't take long for me to start looking for some colour matches and I think I've hit the jackpot with the new Rouge Dior range. There are 32 new colours to select from and my suggestions to match Alexa would be either 028 or 351. Tried and tested, I'm happy to reccommend these two gorgeous colours!
Left Rouge Dior #351, right Rouge Dior #028 $50 Stockist: 02 9695 4800

Summer Wish List: 70's Style Hat

Alessandra Ambrosio Image:

Isabel Lucas

Bright and happy 1980's fashion:

When you think back to the 1980s they are many things that come to mind. There is something that is highlighted in our minds when we think back on the 1980s, and that is the 80s fashion.It is very easy to recognize the fashion of the 1980s. This cannot be necessarily said of the fashion from the previous decades, because they share common elements that make them hard to distinguish from each other. It is safe to say that the 1980s fashion is in a completely distinct class of its own.Even though one can still find boys that are wearing tube socks today, during the 1980s tube socks were the in thing to wear for girls and they wore it with almost any kind of outfit. However, just plain old tube socks were not enough during the 1980s.
Movies played a huge part in influencing the 1980s fashion. Do you remember the movie Flashdance? That movie defined the new 1980s fashion look for young girls. Suddenly everyone had to wear large sweaters that exposed one shoulder with the gym bra strap exposed over the shoulder.

Hot right now: Leather Vests

Burberry Cropped Leather Biker Vest US$1995
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Barkins Leather Vest $149.95

Bec & Bridge Gemstone Vest $319

women fashioning in 1940:

During this period the fashion orriginators Guild was organized in 1931 to protect the design of american stylists who came into prominence at this time.But during this period the depression wpemn again suffered from the cometition from become very scarce and men were ggenerally given the preference.There some featured of women fashion.
Outer upper:Grecian,medieval ,french empire ,17th nad 18th century influences in costume;shapeless dress;curved line emphasized,hig waist line with ruffles or bow in back;princes dress in 1940.formal dresses with high neckline in front and extremilly low in backhigh shoulder raised with padding and shoulder wing.
Outer lower:very short skirts pleated gored and flaring,pendants on lower edge of costume  to lengthen skirts,skirts 2*1/2 inches  below knee,lomg skirts for evenigng ,sometime with short train,slim narrow skirts,12 inches from floor.
Long hair were poppuler.hat with veil were also poppuler,slipper with short vamp and spike heel and sandal were also famous in women,short and gay umbrella ,black gloves also weared.


women fashioning in 1930:

 During the period there was a great increase in the number of women in clerical,trade and professional groups.Some of the most impotant occupation for women were in the feild of ready-to-wear garments.To stimulate interest in fashion design,the designers of north ansd south america went to paris back to bring back word of latest styles.American designers in newyork city by the art alliiance of the america in1930.More amnd more women took up teaching and nursing whcich still remained the special feild of women.
there are some fashion of women in 1930.

  Outer uper: define waistline,above normal or little below;ample fullness in waist of dress,basque simmilar to that of 19th centry worn,1920,decided change in costume after our entrance into world war one,1917,regular uniform worn by women serving govrnerment.Hoover apron; also loose dress,giving freedom of movement,debutante slouch or dropping pose was poppular :hig collar across back of both dress and coat.
Outer lower:ankle-length day dress,long evening dress with train ending in a point resembling a serpent's tail,or a tassel:skirt full waist and hip,with many flounces suggesting the crinoline period of ninth centry ,whalebones and pannier drapery in 1920,dreapped skirt,long skirt with slit a side,according pleated skirts;skirts 8 inches from floor.



Women fashioning in 1920:

Fashion gain popularity in 19th century.Many of designer became popular in this feild,Elizabeth hawes,Valentina,Jo Copeland.By the 1920 ,women's lives and work patterns changed,so too did the image of the dressmaker.No logger looked down on as a humble "trade" fashion design becoming so popular career choice for the young middle class women.Jo Copeland is a good example.She went into fashion not because her father was in clothing business.but because she wanted a job with artistic and creative associations.The family was sufficiently prosperous to enable her mother to employ custom of dressmaking.Her,ambition however went far beyond conventional dressmaking.
It helped if a women designer could be her own best fashion model,as was Copeland.If dress designer were no longer artisans ,it seemed,they should be cleberties or at least fashion leader.

Women fashioning in America:

Most American dressmaker copied or adapted french styles,but issue at the end at hand is not simply one of center versus periphery.The structure of the American fashion industry and the culture of fashion in America milted against the recognition of individual fashion designers.America's Puritan heritage and nation's ideology of egalitarianism resulted in a pervasive culture suspicion of fashion.At the same time ,many American women were attached by precisely these chracterstics.As a result,both custom dressmaker and manufacturs of ready to wear clothes frequently imported french dresses and/or sewed false paris label into amrecan made dresses.
The first american women to achieve national reputation for fashion inovation was Ellen curtis demorest known professionally as Madame demorest,she was "as important to american nineteenth century fashion as worth would be the development of paris couture.Morethan any else .she foresaw the struture of american fashion as the comination of innvention,prodution,education,marketting and distribution.

Women fashioning in America:

The early history of women fashion design in united state is poorly documented, because for many year for most american "designers"were dressmakers who left little trace in the historical record.In the late nine-teenth century,the vast majority of dressmaker was women,but the setreo-type of male fashion :dictator" was already in existance,patterned after the first internationalllay famous male couturier,Charles Fredrick worth.
An English man whi in 1857 establish  a couuture house in paris,the world capital of women's fashion since the seven centary,worth bacme famous in part because of his gender.The " man milliner" was curiosity.However wort6h also significance change ed the structure of couture,moving it away from it's origins as small scale crraft towards it's future as big bussiness and high art.