White Christmas

Growing up my mum would always wear white for Christmas day, and I guess it’s a tradition that kind of stuck. It just seems to suit the day perfectly, fresh, crisp and summery. It’s probably not the most practical of colours, what with all the food and drink I’ll be consuming (and whenever I wear white it’s a given that some of that food will end up as a decoration on my clothing), I still do it every year though, following my mum’s tradition. I’m on the lookout for something new at the moment and have narrowed the list down. I ventured to my local shopping centre last week and it took 30 minutes to find a car park so I’ve now vowed to do the rest of my Christmas shopping online, including my Christmas dress.... Here’s my shortlist (and of course some celeb inspiration)..

Silk Lace Insert Dress $169.95 from Witchery
Children of the Sun Salma Dress $89.95 @ Birdmotel.com
Tigerlily Beauvoir Dress $150 @ Mycatwalk.com.au

Cute Summer Looks for the Weekend

Just a little bit of cute celebrity summer outfit inspiration for the weekend...

Eva Mendez

You know, she really would look incredible, even wearing a brown paper bag. She just has one of those amazing looks that basically you just can’t stop looking at! Her style has been pretty impeccable too right through the years. Even looking back at older photos before she was a “mega-star”, her outfit combinations are pretty flawless. One of my favourite looks is the black skirt with the white & black singlet. I also love the baggy jeans, tshirt and tan leather bag combo, come to think of it, there really isn't a look that I don't like....

New Style Inspiration - Miroslava Duma

I have just discovered a new style crush of sorts who’s photos I will now be on a vigilant look out for.. Apparently she is a Russian “It Girl” and editor of Harper’s Bazaar in Russia. I’m still doing some background searching on her, most of the websites I’ve found her name on are all in Russian so I’m not having much luck with my research. I have found some photos to share though and I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on this girl for inspiration!

Hot hot hot & under $200!

With all the doom & gloom in the economy, it makes it pretty depressing flicking through a gorgeous glossy fashion mag, spotting that most desirable item, only to find out it's $500+.....

Got to love it then when discovering an amazing must have summer dress for under $200. The Mother Maria Picnic in Peru Dress, (photographed below at Brisbane Fashion Week this year), is hot hot hot! And the best part - it retails for $179......

Mother Maria Picnic in Peru Dress $179 available online @ www.australianflavour.com.au

Perfect Summer Dress

Every now and again you discover a particular item of clothing and it's love at first site. Thus the case with not just one, but this whole range of Mexican Dresses branded "The Line" and exclusively available at Dot Wears A Dress Boutique on the Gold Coast. In a number of different styles and colours, these gorgeous dresses have also caught the eye of celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens. Before you shrug in dissapointment at not being anywhere near the Gold Coast to be able to purchase one of these amazing pieces, there is good news, and more good news.

1. You can purchase these dresses online at

2. I have one to give away this week, just tell as many friends as you can about Mylookbook.com.au and go in the draw to win!


Win this Square Neck dress from "The Line" valued at $159 or take a look at what's available to puchase online at http://www.dotwearsadress.com.au/

December 2008 Issue Online!

It's hard to believe we've reached December already, it's been a crazy crazy year. This month has been no short of drama for me, however I've managed to get the December Issue of Mylookbook online (a week late sorry!).

This month I've been thinking about accessorising with metallic clutches & bags, anything in white, and wishing I could raid Rachel Zoe's wardrobe. Hopefully you'll find plenty of style inspiration inside to get you throught to the new year!

Enjoy xo

Sneak Peek....

The December Issue of Mylookbook will be online this Friday. I couldn't help however put a sneak peek at one of the pages up. I've been on the search for summer ways to include a pair of shiny leggings and when I saw this pic from Sportsgirl of their December arrivals, it was love at first sight. Everything from the cute Mexican style tshirt dress, to the oh so hot heals... I love this outfit and am heading out shortly to purchase.

Sometimes it's not that easy to piece a good outfit together, some people have the knack, and for others (like myself) I need a bit of inspiration. My December Issue of Mylookbook will be the biggest issue yet so I hope you enjoy & find plenty of summer inspiration and ideas... Just putting the finishing touches on now....

A Sneak Peek from the December Issue - I LOVE this outfit from Sportsgirl...