BMW Cars
BMW the full form of the abbreviation being Bayerische Motoren Werke is basically a German company which has dedicated itself into car and engine manufacturing. The company came into existence in the 1916 and since has been making engine for planes in the World War One and the company's revenue cross the mark of 53 billion Euros in 2008.

It has over hundred thousand employees world over. The company was banned from making aircraft engine after the world war and made its first motor cycle in 1923; car production came later in 1928 onwards. The first great motorcycle of the company was R32.

It was one of the first companies to offer anti lock breaks. The latest models of bike include the K1200GT which was made with consultation to the F1 team.

In Car segment the1 series was the BMW's Smallest Car and later on in the seventies came the 3 series car model which has been enhanced in features later on. The SUV's of BMW come in X series and then there is the M models which also have V10 powered Engines like the M5 and this series have great powered engines.

The specialty of this company is that it pays great attention to environment friendliness and body art of the cars. The engines are undoubtedly one of the best. The 7 series is very popular and the company looks forward to bringing more powerful engine cars in future with futuristic designs.

Fashion Full Circle - Again

80’s Rocker Chick Pat Benatar was an expert at this uber cool trend that’s surfacing once again. She certainly had the rock chick attitude to pull it off, along with her signature red lips and intense eye make-up. I’m definitely not cool enough to do the complete look, I have 1 pair of black shiny leggings but that’s probably as far as it will go for me.

If your one who's fallen hopelessly for this look already & are day dreaming of how you’ll put it together for your next night out, you can always trust Sportsgirl to provide. I’m loving their January “Style” shots, plenty of inspiration to assist you in bringing out your own inner rock star..

80's Rock Icon Pat Benatar

Coloured Leggins from Sportsgirl $34.95

Style Notes: Nicole Richie 2008

Just taking a look back at celebrity pics over the last 12 months & I have to say, Ms Richie certainly knows what she's doing. I'm thinking that most of her outfit combos can be replicated for Winter 09 easily & I'm already piecing outfit ideas together for my own winter wardrobe (yes I know it's ridiculously hot right now, and still the middle of January) - it can't hurt to start thinking ahead though!

I really love the opaque black tights, black shoes, dress and leather jacket combo, it's easy to replicate with items that anyone could have in their wardrobe and it just creates such a chick & stylish look. I'm still madly in love with her oriental print cropped bolero jacket (2nd from the left) but have searched endlessly and found nothing even remotely the same. If anyone knows of anything similar please let me know!

The Golden Globes... and the nominees are.....

Movies shmovies, isn't it all about the frocks? Here's my nominations for the 3 best dressed...

Peep Toe Boots

I first spotted this type of shoe on Rachel Bilson last year and instantly loved it but wasn’t sure if I could see myself pulling off the same look. It’s growing on me though, as trends seem to do when you see more and more photos of different ways to wear it.

I’ve decided I’m in though. As impractical a winter shoe they may be I've decided it will be my first winter shoe purchase. I’m thinking black is the safest but the hot pink pair in the image below looks pretty amazing too. Just contemplating different things to wear them with. A fail safe outfit would be black tights, black dress, boring I know but safe and easy. Maybe shiny leggings, or jeans... any suggestions????

This image above spotted on the GWAS Website

January Sales

God I love Sale Time, need I really say more? Have been hunting around for what's on offer online, then I'm off to the Plaza to browse in shopaholic bliss. So far my online shopping wish list consists of a cute stripe cardigan (just like Ashley Olsen's) from, a 70's style dress from Sportsgirl, and some comfy looking wedges now down to $69.95 (were $139.95) from Wittner.

I also have some discount codes & other sale info which I'm more than happy to share.... I'm racing out now though to get in first....

Kookai - Selected Items with up to 50% off
Up to 75% off at Wanted Shoe Co
25% off all orders over $100 at DestinationStyle - Use the code 2009STYLE - 25% off all Viscose Fitted Tee Shirts until January 31st, 2009 Code: MYLBTEE

& 15% off all Supplex Pants until January 31st, 2009 code: MYLBPANTS
AustralianFlavour 15% off until January 30th Code: JanuarySale09

Holiday Mode...

I’m so much in holiday mode right now and the goings on in the fashion and celebrity world seem like a distant universe. All that matters at present is floundering in my sisters pool, reading my book (I’ve been swept away by Stephanie Meyers Twilight series), and deciding what my next meal will be. God how I love being on holiday....

It’s back to reality next week though so I’m starting to do some casual web browsing, and a bit of magazine flicking. My outfit thoughts for January are definitely high waisted shorts and skirts with cute little singlets and Cami's. I have to admit that during my week of relaxation I did sneak out for a tad of shopping with my daughters and indulged in a bit of bargain frenzy at Diva purchasing various pieces of cute costume jewellery for between $3 and $5, got to love that (the sale is still on too...)

It's back to reality next week and it’s all hands are on deck for a new look “mylookbook” magazine which will be launching in February. I’m sorry to say there will be no January issue online, however I will be blogging regularly so any newly discovered style inspiration or online bargain will most certainly be shared.

Casual Holiday Style

Diva Loot - almost everything in store is under $5 right now!