T-shirt for women:

Bridal Shoes:

Choosing the right kind of foot ware for "the occasion" is as important as choosing all the other accessories for a wedding. A matching shoe for a bridal dress is very important to give a bride the complete look. The bridal shoes should be purchased well in advance along with the bridal gown to avoid unnecessary confusion on the day; if it is a misfit it can be exchanged prior to the wedding day and will also avoid wedding blues. An ideal bridal shoe would be a satin material shoe ending with a glossy look. A tuile or silk satin material complemented with a peau-de soie, ultra satin texture or lure would make a perfect bridal shoes.

Bridal Hairstyles:

Bridal Mehndi:

Bridal Mehndi Designs are very essential and have much significant among all it. Bridal is considered in between the major items of every society. Gays, every girl have a dream that one day she became a worlds beautiful bride just like a princess and Special Bridal Mehndi Designs play a very important role in it and they take a great preference to more than any one.

Mehndi increase 50 percent the Bride's beauty and attraction and you can do this by leaguing both us and our special bridal Mehndi designs.

Wedding Suit For the Groom

While brides-to-be are too anxious and apprehensive about gowns and dresses, Grooms on the other hand are also worried about their attire for the big day. If it is important for the bride to wear the perfect dress, then so it is for the groom.
The wedding suit which the groom should wear has to make him look good and feel at his best. Like wedding gowns, wedding suits are also in various styles and kinds and not just limited to the traditional black suits that most men choose to wear.A good suit is one that fits perfectly to the groom's body. There may be a lot of men's suits that are offered for rental or hire. But as every man differs from one another, so are the shapes and sizes of the suits. Some suits may be too large for one man, some are undersized. Often it is rare for a man to find a suit that perfectly hugs his body. So it would be a smart idea to have a tailor-made wedding suit if you have the additional bucks to spend. Otherwise, when the budget is low, ask for few opinions when fitting a suit. If the bride can bring along her fiance during her gown fitting, so can the groom bring along his fiancee, his father or his brother or his best friend when looking around for a suit. Some suits are expensive while others are cheap, but price alone is not a guarantee that it will be the perfect fit for the groom.

Red Lehenga Choli:

Weddings are celebrations come once in lifetime and brides are center of attention for not only groom but for everyone present there. So, if you're going to be the bride, be ready for being apple of eye for every one. If we consider Pakistani Weddings, they are mostly celebrated in a traditional way, so, it will look fantastic if the bride is dressed up with eastern traditional theme. In Pakistani weddings, bridal dress is center of attraction for each eye.For being an eastern traditional bride, the best pick of dress is red lehenga choli. Red is the color of passion and love. Bride looks fantastic in red more than in some other color. In eastern culture, wearing red on wedding day is a tradition. Bride looks charming and lovely in red. If your complexion is bright, wheat-ash or tan, red will compliment your complexion brightly. So, if you're going to decide on red as your lehenga's color, then, be positive that you will be looking exquisite for your big day.

Top Pakistani Bridal Dresses:

A wedding occasion is one of the craving occasions for a woman, as she yearns for it to embellish its beauty by memorizing its glaring moments. A wedding plan is the core unit that really makes it everlasting and the bridal dress; which is the most visible aspect in a wedding, and is considered to be a compliment for the event; and is known for a long time because of its style and elegance. There are certain things you have to figure out when it comes to design or selection of a bridal dress.

One of the most popular and top ten bridal dresses in Pakistan include, the 'lehnga'. Lehnga is a type of skirt which is worn along with the odhani, which is tucked into the lehnga, the waist, and blouse; which is a tight fitting piece of clothing around the waist. Blouse comes in different lengths and shapes.

In addition to the lehngas, vintage designers are coming up with the creative ideas and are implementing sundry art work based upon the adroit skills and the customer demand. Customized lehngas are also well reputed and needs of a niche class are catered as they are congruous to the cutting silk and velvet lehngas.

Pakistani Bridal Dress:

Pakistani wedding dresses are not only important for the bride and groom but also for the rest of the family members. So they are carefully selected from a huge variety of the latest styles and designs. These are highly stylish bridal dresses of latest fashion for every class of people and especially for the lower income class without compromising on style and elegance.

Whether it is sharara, gharara, lehnga choli, or angrakha, these barat day dress or wedding outfits are available in a wide range of colors and styles. The bridal dresses come with matching jewelry and other accessories like hand bag or matching pouch, shoes and variety of other stuff. All these wedding dresses are cut, stitched and embroidered neatly by highly professional designers, tailors and skilled labour of Pakistan fashion industry.