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Noun: A person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

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The turban trend

A great hat may be the number one must have accessory for the season, however when it comes to attention grabbing head wear right now, if you like something a little more show stopping, a turban will be a sure way to get noticed.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the turban worn as a fashion accessory, it made an appearance in the 40’s and most memorably in the 70’s by celebs such as Barbra Streisand and Bianca Jagger. This time around it was Carrie in SATC2 and Salma Hayek attending a Stella McCartney runway show in Paris that put it on the radar, not to mention it’s appearance in plenty of Spring 2011 fashion shows late last year.

Now we’re seeing it on the streets and on our favourite fashion bloggers. Aimee from has a recent post on “How to Tie a Turban” while Rumi from cosies up in a knitted turban style beanie.

Some people just can’t understand why the turban keeps making a fashion comeback, I personally quite like it, it’s such a simple way to polish your look (and not to mention cover a bad hair day!) What do you think?

Lilya Autumn Winter 2011
Aimiee from
Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the city 2
Rumi from
Kylie Minogue in New York 2010

Winter hat trend

It seems an outfit isn't complete this season if it's not styled with a hat. Autumn 2011 collections are appearing in stores and online right now and there's one common theme that can't be missed...
Outfits (left to right) by:
EVIL TWIN Long time coming sweater, $129.99; Alterior motive mesh maxi skirt, $79.95,
NOOKIE Arkansas Jumpsuit,
LEONARD ST Seventies Pini Top, $158, Bianca flares, $178,
ASOS Basic Dipped Hem Top, £15.00
FRIEND OF MINE I love lucy dress, $209,

Wish list: Crochet cardigan

I've always loved crochet clothing. I have a crochet cardigan in my wardrobe that I've had for years and even though it's completely falling apart, it's still one of my most worn items. One of those staple pieces that completes any outfit whether it's a simple summer dress or tshirt and jeans.

This season there's been a whole lot of crochet looks, celebrities, bloggers and fashion magazines all showing us a variety of different ways to wear the decorative knit, therefore giving us plenty of reasons to invest in at least a few pieces.

What I have my eye on right now though, (it's actually turning into a little bit of an obsession) is the longer crochet style jacket. Topshop describes it as a key item in their 'Swedish Summer Trend' and there are plenty of bloggers on to show us how gorgeous the simple knit jacket looks with pretty much anything and everything.

It's number one on my shopping list right now and I really think that it's a worth while investment for not only this season but many to come. I'm actually about to hit the 'purchase now' button for one I've just discovered online - I'll let you know when it arrives!


Taking Vitmain D3 Prevents Falls

"To help prevent falls, the elderly should cut down on meds, alkalizie their body with green foods and drinks, decrease acidic foods and drinks, and increase vitamin D3," states Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of the pH Miracle Living Center.

By Katherine Harmon
January 13, 20114

How many late-life declines can be traced back to a fall? Whether or not it involves a fractured hip or just a general shake-up, even a minor spill can precipitate a rapid loss of function and independence or even death in seniors.

"Falls are one of the most common health problems experienced by older adults," Mary Tinetti, of the Yale School of Medicine's Program in Geriatrics, said in a prepared statement. The majority of falls in older adults (some 70 percent) occur when no one is looking, and about 60 percent of older adults with cognitive impairment suffer at least one fall each year, according to a new reportTinetti co-authored. These tumbles often lead to an extended hospital stay or an assisted living admission. "Given their frequency and consequences, falls are as serious a health problem for older persons as heart attacks for strokes," she said.

The report features a set of guidelines for preventing falls in the elderly, updating formal recommendations from the American and British geriatric societies for the first time in 10 years. The new recommendations were published online January 13 in theJournal of the American Geriatrics Society.

To reduce falls among community-dwelling older adults, Tinetti and her colleagues recommended:

• Working with a doctor to reduce the number and dosage of medications, especially antidepressants (including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), sedatives and antipsychotics;

• Increasing vitamin D supplementation to 800 international units per day if a person is likely deficient or seems to be a risk for falls;

• And careful physical activity, such as physical therapy or tai chi to improve balance, flexibility and mobility.

These interventions and others (including assessing footwear, physical environment, visual acuity and circulatory health) can help reduce a senior's risk of falling, Tinetti and her colleagues found after reviewing nearly a decade's worth of literature on the subject. Older adults are often on a host of prescription medications to address physical and psychological ills, and despite their recommendation to reduce the number and dosage of medications, the research team acknowledged that in some cases, "discontinuation of a particular high-risk is not possible because of medical conditions."

Rather than focusing on just one of the recommendations, as previous studies have suggested, the researchers assert that the guidelines should be considered en masse. "Because we looked at not only what recommendations were given, but also which [were] carried out, we're confident that multifactorial interventions is the best course of action," said Tinetti.

Other recent research has suggested that avoiding alcohol and listening to music while exercising have helped to keep seniors standing.


\Medicine\To Help Prevent Falls - Vit. D - 01.13.11.doc

Celebrity Style Inspiration - Kate Bosworth

I love Kate, you love Kate, I think we all love Kate. Her looks are always simple, minimally accessorized and perfectly polished. Although I could never get enough of seeing her in her signature look of jeans and basics, I also love it when she frocks up, always looking so effortlessly pretty & feminine.

Christine Centenera Sweater Dress

I love Christine Centenera's style, I love grey marle and I love a comfy jumper dress. All the elements of this outfit ensemble are spot on.

I don't have Christine Centenera's clothing budget however so I was pretty stoked to pick up this cute lightweight over sized jumper dress in Cotton On last week. Can't wait to put a similar outfit together when the weather cools down!

Knit sweater trend

There's nothing more comfortable than a cozy knitted jumper, and one trend that is spreading like wildfire right now is just that. As seen on the most stylish & fashion forward of bloggers, the knitted sweater is making an appearance in a big way. A soft cotton, wool or cashmere sweater will look great styled with just about anything, simply let your imagination run wild and don't be scared to combine different textures and fabrics. One of my favourite looks is  Zina from . Combining a leather skirt with her soft knit jumper belted in at the waist, it's cute, comfortable and totally flattering. This is one trend I'm really looking forward to playing with when the weather cools down!


Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

indian pakistani wedding dress, jewelry and make up

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Bridal dresses in pakistan in 2011

Mera Saaein 16th january Episode 9

Khabarnaak 15th january

New season jumpsuits

Although jumpsuits have been having their moment for a few seasons now, the trend is definitely looking to continue for at least another one yet. The only thing that seems to be changing is the variety of styles now available. The Autumn/Winter collections that are hitting stores this Feb will offer more sophisticated tailored styles with longer sleeves, full-length legs and more structured fabrics.

The photo below of Kate Bosworth is from a few seasons back however it's one of my favourite celebrity jumpsuit looks. She gets the ‘casual’ jumpsuit look down so perfectly, lose fitting, yet not baggy, you can see that the top of her jumpsuit is well structured and fits her petite figure flawlessly, the bottom half is comfortably loose, however the jumpsuit is cinched in at the waist with tapered in legs, creating the most flattering of silhouettes. Her casual flats and minimal accessories make her ensemble the perfect weekend outfit.

The street style pic from stockholmstreetstyle is winter jumpsuit perfection. She's kept the look simple with the contrasting red clutch giving the ensemble just the right amount of pop.



    • Steer clear of satin especially in light colours, this light reflecting fabric can be really unflattering.
    • Make sure it fits correctly, too tight (no matter how great your body is) just isn’t pretty and although ‘slouchy’ can looks super stylish, too loose will make you look 2 sizes bigger than you really are.

    • When it comes to accessorizing jumpsuits, keep it minimal. The jumpsuit is the item that is making the statement so add a bit of frosting but don’t go overboard
     New season favourite...


    Panama jumpsuit, $99,
    Cowl Front Jumpsuit, £60.00,
    Paul & Joe jumpsuit Special Outnet price £150,
    Paul & Joe Province cotton jumpsuit, was £217.02 now £108.51,
    Rubi Shoes Dove wedge, $49.95,
    Oroton deluxe a4 clutch, $345,
    Billabong Gilded cage sandal, $49.99,

    Tomatoes Found To Prevent Vascular Diseases

    They are the most widely produced alklaine fruit in the world and now scientists in Japan have discovered that tomatoes contain a nutrient which could tackle the onset of vascular diseases. The research, published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, reveals that an extracted compound, 9-oxo-octadecadienoic, has anti-dyslipidemic affects.

    The team led by Dr Teruo Kawada, from Kyoto University and supported by the Research and Development Program for New Bio-industry Initiatives, Japan, focused their research on extracts which tackle dyslipidemia, a condition which is caused by an abnormal amount of lipids, such as cholesterol or fat, in the blood stream as a result of increased amounts of dietary and/or metabolic acids.

    "Dyslipidemia itself usually causes no symptoms," said Kawada, "however; it can lead to symptomatic vascular diseases, such as arteriosclerosis and cirrhosis of the liver. In order to prevent these diseases it is important to prevent an increased build up of lipids as a result of the increased build-up of dietary and/or metabolic acids.

    Tomato is already known to contain many compounds beneficial to health because of its alkalizing properties. In this study the team analyzed 9-oxo-octadecadienoic acid, to test its potential anti-dyslipidemia properties as a direct result of reducing acidosis.

    The compound was found to enhance fatty acid oxidation and contributed to the regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism. These findings suggest that 9-oxo-octadecadienoic acid has anti- dyslipidemia affects and can therefore help prevent vascular diseases.

    "Finding a compound which helps the prevention of obesity-related chronic diseases in foodstuffs is a great advantage to tackling these diseases", concluded Kawada. "It means that the tomato allows people to easily manage the onset of dyslipidemia through their daily diet."

    According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of the pH Miracle Living Center suggests, "dietary, metabolic and environmental acids cause the body to release lipids for chelating acids preventing damage to the walls of the veins and arteries. Tomatoes contain acid binding agents, such as 9-oxo-octdecadienoic that will chelate these acids and protect the vascular system from damage thus reducing or eliminating the release of lipids into the bloodstream preventing artherosclerosis."

    "Shelley Redford Young has many wonderful recipes using the tomato in her books, Back to the House of Health I and II," states Dr. Young.

    Chemistry Drama 14th jan Episode 14

    Qaid-e-Tanhai 14th january Episode 11

    Gary Pepper Vintage

    I'm always so excited to discover what the next step in the Gary Pepper Vintage journey will be.

    Today entrepreneur/model/writer/designer, and downright lovely person, Nicole Warne launched the next phase of the Gary Pepper Vintage evolution, an online store.

    Having fallen in love with Nicole's blog last year, and then having had the pleasure of interviewing her for a feature in Mylookbook, I knew right away that this girl would undeniably make her mark in the fashion world. For those who have also been following her journey via her blog (which she writes in the style of a personal diary), you would most certainly feel the same excitement as I do every time Nicole releases anything new, be it photos, new vintage clothing finds, or short films of her photo shoots.

    Gary Pepper Vintage's latest lookbook is titled "Lux Mundi" and this is the magical new film showcasing the lookbook photo shoot. Congratulations Nicole, I can't wait to see where your amazing adventure takes you!

    Lux Mundi by Gary Pepper Vintage from Chad Waldron on Vimeo.

    Samdhan 12th january Episode 52

    Anokha Ladla 12th january Episode 14

    Samdhan 11th january Episode 51

    Utho Jago Pakistan 11th January 2011


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    Colour Inspiration: Bronzed Goddess

    Vanessa Bruno Racer-back satin top Original price £119.15, Now £47.66,
    Dior Vernis nail polish, $39, (02) 9695 4800
    Kelly large square sunnies, $69.95,
    Don't Leaf Without Us Earrings, $15.99,
    Limited Edition Day to Night Warm Eye Palette, $45,
    Diane von Furstenberg Lytton Metallic Leather Minaudiere Clutch, US$325,
    Benefit Hoola bronzing powder, $51,
    Havaianas Slim Season Choc thong, $29.99,
    Complete outfit by

    Kya Meri Shadi Shahrukh Say Hogi Episode 2

    Juggan Kazim, Sara Chaudry, Faisal Rehman, Faisal Qureshi, Ejaz Aslam, Samad Khoosat, Seemi Raheel, Dania Anwar, Kiran Haq and Ahmed Abdul Rehman

    Written & Directed by: Hassan Malik
    Produced by: Khurram Rana

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    Morning with Hum with Noor 10th January

    Utho Jago Pakistan 10th January 2011

    Hasb -e- Haal 8th january 2011

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    Chemistry Drama 7th jan 2011 Episode 13

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    Uraan 8th january Episode 10

    Watch Uraan Episode 10 8th January 2011 Geo Tv Watch Uraan Drama Serial Geo Tv Uraan Episode 10 8th January2011 Geo Tv Uraan 8th January 2011 Cast: Aamna Shiekh, Zhalay Sarhadi, Saba Qamar, Humayun Saeed, Kamran Jilani, Shamim Hilali, Khalid Ahmed, Hina Khwaja Bayat.

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    Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Episode 4 jan 8th

    Utho Jago Pakistan 7th January 2010

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    Anokha Ladla 5th january Episode 12

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    Qaid-e-Tanhai Episode 9

    Qaid-e-Tanhai is Hum tv prodution......

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    Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi

    Pakistani top designers Nabeel & Aqeel

    Fashion Show in DHA Lahore

    Lahore Fashion Week

    Fashion Show - Pakistan Festival 2010

    Utho Jago Pakistan 6th January 2010

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    Subah Saweray Maya key Sath Jan 04, 2011

    Subah Saweray Maya key Sath Jan 03, 2011

    Subah Saverey Maya Kay Sath is a live morning show featuring guests from showbiz to politics, sports to fashion and the layman. Maya Khan’s multifaceted and colorful personality gives kick starts the day for viewers and guests. Different segments append more color of people’s choice by the variety of experts contributing their bountiful services to the show’s viewers. Participation of viewers via…

    Subah Saweray Maya key Sath Jan 01, 2011

    Subah Saverey Maya Kay Sath is a live morning show featuring guests from showbiz to politics, sports to fashion and the layman. Maya Khan’s multifaceted and colorful personality gives kick starts the day for viewers and guests. Different segments append more color of people’s choice by the variety of experts contributing their bountiful services to the show’s viewers. Participation of viewers via…

    Utho Jago Pakistan

    Dr Shaista Wahidi in Utho Jago Pakistan on Geo Tv - 4th January 2011

    Utho Jago Pakistan

    Dr Shaista Wahidi in Utho Jago Pakistan on Geo Tv - 3rd January 2011
    Guest : Rahat fataih Ali Khan